Man is Blinded by Eye Injection and Wins $11 Million
Miguel Diaz was blinded by an eye injection, filed a case and was awarded $11 Million. Contact a personal injury attorney if you are injured in Florida.
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Man Blinded
by Eye Injection Wins $11 Million

Man Blinded
by Eye Injection Wins $11 Million

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Medical malpractice

A medical malpractice lawsuit was recently filed against Leon Medical Centers after one of their patients, Miguel Diaz, was blinded by eye injection. The 80-year-old patient had trusted these medical providers for many years. The company currently has seven clinics in Miami with optometrists, doctors, pharmacists dentists, and many other medical services provided. It seems like a perfect deal, particularly for many older patients who don’t have personal transportation or may not be able to drive. But it was not a good experience for Mr. Diaz who became blind in one eye after being injected the wrong antibiotic into his right eye. Contact a personal injury attorney if your healthcare provider has deviated from the accepted standard of care. You may have a case!

The malpractice

The surgery had been scheduled for Sept.10, 2013. The patient’s wife, Esther Diaz, says he was in pain after surgery but he never expected to become blind. While at the waiting room, some people were talking about patients going blind. The doctor generally injected Gills solution into the patient’s eyes but after being told he could not use it any longer, he used Gentamicin instead, which should be applied on the surface of the eye only. But the doctor injected this antibiotic instead of applying it. Leon-Rosen had performed surgery on 16 patients before this incident had occurred and on another 22 patients with about five of them being injured.

The medical clinic is liable

Miguel’s cataract surgery resulted in blindness therefore these clinics are liable for over $11 million. The surgeon responsible for the procedure was an independent contractor who had injected this toxic solution to many other patients in the past. He performed cataract surgeries for these clinics and injected the antibiotic towards the end of the procedure. But the problem is that the concentration was too h2. According to the attorney representing Diaz, this doctor had been represented in the clinics’ marketing material as one of their employees. Also, they use terms in their website that imply these specialists are part of the company. Leon-Rosen also wore a Jacket embroidered with Leon Medical Centers logo and used the employee security card.

Although the doctor had caused these injuries, Medical Leon Centers should be held liable for allowing the medical malpractice. The company claims these are independent contractors. The attorney representing Diaz was able to prove Leon-Rosen had been working for these clinics therefore they should compensate the patient for the injuries sustained during the operation. Apparently, these doctors are paid through something called “a secret contract.”

About 1.8 million Floridians are enrolled in a Medical Advantage plan, which means Leon Medical Centers have their fair share of potential clients. These clinics advertise access to many doctors and specialists at one location together with many complimentary services. It’s very difficult for Diaz who still trusts his doctors. But nobody knows if these clinics can be trusted again.