Medical Research Related to Personal Injury Cases
Personal injury lawyers are always interested in better diagnostic tools because the injured has the burden of proving that someone else’s negligence caused an objective injury.
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Medical Research Related to Personal Injury Cases

By : jasonneufeld Filed Under : car accident lawyer

PET/MRI combo Better than PET/CT scan when Diagnosing Foot Injuries

personal injury lawyer medical researchMarch 2015: Journal of Nuclear Medicine published a study comparing a PET/MRI scan to a PET/CT scan on diagnosing foot injuries, which may be caused by traumatically induced stress fractures from car accidents or slip and falls or pain caused by a cysts or tumors. The PET/MRI scan was found to provide a higher image quality compared to the PET/CT, providing the orthopedic specialist with a more effective diagnostic tool. In addition, the PET/MRI has the advantage of exposing the injured patient to a significantly lower amounts of radiation. Personal injury lawyers are always interested in better diagnostic tools because the injured has the burden of proving that someone else’s negligence caused an objective injury.

Need a Lumbar Fusion? Ask your Doctor about Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Today!

March 2015: Loyola University Health System published a paper describing the MI-TLIF surgery. This minimally invasive procedure, the orthopedic surgeon spreads/dilates the paraspinal/back muscles to access the lumbar spine. This spreading/dilating process replaces cutting through the back muscles resulting in less post-operative discomfort, less blood loss and a quicker recovery timeline. After an aventura car accident, or other trauma, because of how humans are situated in their vehicle, the lumbar spine is susceptible to injuries including herniated discs. When a disc is herniated, the disc material may press on the nerves in the spinal canal resulting in debilitating pain, numbness and tingling down the legs necessitating the need for surgical intervention if conservative physical therapy does not help.

The only problem is that this back surgery is highly technical – meaning few surgeons are trained to do it. Hopefully, as the procedure continues to prove itself, it will become more widespread and available to the injured.

A Case for Power Naps

This medical summary falls into the miscellaneous category because it obviously has nothing to do with personal-injury related medical research. It is, however, interesting.

In March 2015: Saarland University, located in Germany, published a paper finding that Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill (all big afternoon nappers) had it right – memory performance is significantly improved in groups that took power naps compared to groups who watched DVDs instead after the same concentrated period of learning.

There is some discrepancy as to the proper power-nap time period:

  • The Saarland University Study had participants power nap for 45-60 minutes.
  • The National Sleep Foundation cites studies suggesting that naps between 20 and 30 minutes are better.
  • NASA conducted a study that found that a 40 minute naps significantly improved the performance of astronauts and military pilots.

After reading these studies, this personal-injury lawyer is ready for a little shut eye.

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