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Some accidents cause injuries that are so bad that they cause long-term or permanent disabilities. These injuries include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, burns, internal injuries, and spinal cord injuries. When an accident causes these injuries, you need a Miami catastrophic injury lawyer familiar with estimating future medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Contact a catastrophic injury lawyer in Miami as soon as possible after a traumatic accident such as a car accident, even if you are still in the hospital. If you cannot contact an attorney, a family member can reach out to us on your behalf.

Do you Need a Miami Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

In short, yes. Catastrophic injury cases are complex cases because they sometimes involved more than one defendant. For example, in a truck accident, in addition to the driver, the trucking company, truck manufacturer, the city or county, an inspector, or even a truck mechanic could share in the responsibility for your injuries.

Additionally, catastrophic injuries usually lead to long-term or permanent disabilities. You need an attorney who has experience in working with medical professionals to determine a fair and reasonable amount for future medical expenses and other damages, including pain and suffering and loss of earning capacity.

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is one that usually causes you to have long-term or permanent disabilities or death. Normally, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are catastrophic injuries, but other types of injuries could lead to disabilities. Eye injuries could cause blindness, internal injuries could cause problems with organs that affect you for the rest of your life or might require a transplant, and crushed bones could lead to amputation.

Additionally, burns could lead to disfigurement or excessive scarring, which is also considered catastrophic. A car accident could cause extensive thermal or chemical burns.

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Who is Responsible for a Catastrophic Injury?

The person who directly or indirectly caused your injuries could be held responsible for your injuries. For example, if you visit a store, you expect the floor to be safe to walk on. If not, and an unmarked wet floor causes you to slip and fall and suffer catastrophic injuries, you would likely be able to sue the property owner or lessee.

In a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, the driver who hit you is usually responsible for your injuries, though, in a multiple car wreck where Driver 2 hit you, Driver 1 could be fully at fault or share in the fault with Driver 2.

In most cases, the at-fault person’s insurance will pay for your damages, including past and future medical expenses, lost wages, future lost earning capacity, funeral expenses, burial expenses, cremation expenses, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and other damages.

Settling a Catastrophic Injury Case

While you can attempt settlement negotiations on your own, we do not recommend it. Insurance companies are in business to make money, which means that they will find any excuse to deny your claim or offer you an amount that might not even cover your current medical expenses.

A Miami catastrophic injury lawyer works with expert witnesses and other professionals to determine a fair and reasonable amount for your catastrophic injuries.

Should the insurance company refuse to offer a fair and reasonable amount, we’ll already know the facts of your case and can move to the trial phase quickly. In some cases, once we file a complaint on your behalf, the insurance company will reenter settlement negotiations. In other cases, the insurance company might decide to reenter settlement negotiations right before your trial.

You do not have to litigate your case if you do not want to, and if the insurance company decides to reenter settlement negotiations, you do not have to postpone the trial to work with the insurance company. They must come to a fair and reasonable settlement prior to the day of the trial.

What Types of Accidents Result in Catastrophic Injuries?

A catastrophic injury can happen in any type of accident, including:

  • Vehicle accidents.
  • Workplace accidents, including falls, equipment falling on you, burns, and safety-related accidents.
  • Dog bite and other animal bites.
  • Premises liability accidents.
  • Swimming pool and other drowning accidents.
  • Slip and fall accidents.

Finding the Best Miami Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Before you restain a Miami catastrophic injury attorney, you should ask the attorney several questions to determine if they have the experience required for a case like yours. You might ask a lawyer how many cases like yours they have settled and how many went to trial, and what other cases like yours have brought in a settlement and a trial award in addition to some of the other questions you might have.

If you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries, reach out to a Miami catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your catastrophic injuries.

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A catastrophic injury is any injury that causes long-term or permanent damage.
If you suffered a catastrophic injury due to the actions or negligence of another person, you do have the possibility of pursuing a personal injury claim against them in order to recover compensation.
Yes. If you have suffered catastrophic injuries due to the fault of someone else, it is always worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer. Catastrophic injuries are devastating and an experienced attorney will be able to get you the maximum compensation possible.

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