MLK Holiday Tradition Turns Deadly on Miami’s Roadways
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MLK Holiday
Tradition Turns Deadly on Miami’s Roadways

MLK Holiday
Tradition Turns Deadly on Miami’s Roadways

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: motorcycle accident lawyer

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is meant to honor a man who fought peacefully for civil rights. Unfortunately, not everybody in Miami chooses to honor the man in a peaceful and responsible manner. A dangerous trend has recently taken over South Florida every MLK Day for the last two years. Hundreds of ATV riders and motorcyclists take to the streets of South Florida to participate in a movement known as #Bikesupgunsdown, which has its roots from social media. The movement’s original intent was a way to show solidarity towards non-violence. Unfortunately, it has now become a constant parade of reckless ATV riders and motorcyclists performing wheelies and dangerous maneuvers, placing other motorists in danger. This year, it claimed the life of 20-year-old ATV rider Jose Hernandez Acevedo.

Acevedo, who was not wearing protective gear, died after his off-road motorcycle crashed into a truck along the Palmetto Expressway in Miami and was thrown from his vehicle. The crash also shut down three southbound lanes, causing a massive traffic jam. For the past week, the Florida Highway Patrol and local law enforcement have been signs and message boards warning all off-road vehicles are prohibited from public roadways. But those warnings often fall on deaf ears.

The Consequences of Off-Road Motorcycle Accidents

There is a reason why ATVs are not allowed on South Florida’s roadways. First, they do not have tires made for the purpose of traveling on hard surfaced roads. Driving on roads can result in a tire blow up.  They also often lack turn signals, proper headlights, brakelights and safety equipment. If you ride these vehicles on a public road and cause an accident due to negligence, you could be facing a personal injury lawsuit.

The Importance of Responsible Motorcycle Ownership

Ask any motorcycle enthusiast and they will tell you there is no greater feeling than hitting the open road on your bike. But it is also important to understand that traffic safety is everyone’s concern. But even legalized motorcycles carry a far greater risk of accident fatalities. It only takes one mistake to end your life and to harm the safety of others. One of the biggest mistakes motorcyclists make is failing to ride with their helmets. Just like fastening your seatbelt in the car, it only takes a second to properly protect yourself.

Catching Reckless ATV Drivers

It is almost impossible for law enforcement to catch every reckless ATV drivers during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. However, the public and do their part by notifying the local police or Florida Highway Patrol if you spot ATV on the road or performing dangerous stunts on a public roadway.

Injured By Reckless ATV Rider? A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you have been injured due to a reckless motorcyclist, you are entitled to collect proper compensation to cover your damages, injuries, lost wages and to account for your pain and suffering. The Miami personal injury attorney at Neufeld Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A. each bring significant experience representing men and women who have been involved motor vehicle accident. They utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help client recover what they deserve. To learn more, Contact their law office today and schedule a consultation.