North Miami Traffic Cameras

intersection collision traffic cameras
As your experienced North Miami car accident lawyers, we want to explore and investigate as much evidence as possible after the crash – especially to prove that the car accident was not our injured client’s fault.  The red light traffic cameras, which may capture these auto accidents are maintained by a private company called American Traffic Solutions who partner up with various cities, including the City of North Miami. They keep their red light camera footage for North Miami car accidents  30 days – after which time they are overwritten. ATS requires a video release signed by the North Miami Police Department.  You (or your injury lawyer) must submit this along with video request form (i.e. location code, cross streets, direction camera is facing, date, and time). These forms are available on our car accident injury page. ATS will charge $87.50 for the first 15 minutes and $29.00 for each additional 15 minute increment – for each camera (not for each intersection). As an example, there happens to be a camera capturing southbound traffic on West Dixie Highway at the NE 135th Street light – and another camera facing eastbound on NE 135th Street at the W. Dixie Hwy intersection. We would want both sets of footage to get the accident from multiple vantage points and would have to pay for the same increment of time, twice.

North Miami Red Light Traffic Cameras

Location Code      Camera Direction     Collision Intersection

NM01                     SB                                Biscayne Blvd @ NE 123rd St

NM02                     SB                                Biscayne Blvd @ NE 135th St

NM03                     NB                               NE 6th Ave @ NE 135th St

NM04                     SB                                NE 6th Ave @ NE 135th St

NM05                     EB                                NW 135th St @ NW 7th Ave

NM08                     EB                               NE 125th St @ NE 6th Ave

NM09                     WB                              NE 125th St @ NE 6th Ave

NM11                       WB                              NE 135th St @ NE 6th Ave

NM12                       WB                             Opa Locka Blvd @ NW 6th Ave

NM13                      SB                                W. Dixie Hwy @ NE 135th St

NM15                      EB                                NE 135th St @ W Dixie Hwy

NM16                      EB                                NE 135th St @ NE 6th Ave

NM17                      WB                               Opa Locka Blvd @ NW 7th Ave

NM18                      NB                                NW 6th Ave @ Opa Locka Blvd / FL 916

NM19                      EB N                             W. 135th St / FL 916 @ NW 6th CT

NM22                     WB                                NE 123rd St @ Biscayne Blvd

NM27                     WB                                 NE 135th St @ W Dixie Hwy

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