Personal Injury Lawsuits Filed Against Jose Fernandez’s Estate
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Injury Lawsuits Filed Against Jose Fernandez’s Estate

Personal Injury
Lawsuits Filed Against Jose Fernandez’s Estate

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Boat Accident Lawyer, personal injury lawyer

Miami had a heartfelt goodbye for Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez when his boat crashed killing him and the passengers on board. Now the family of the victims is suing the estate of Jose Fernandez. The families are seeking $2 million each for the wrongful death of their loved ones. The families allege that there was negligence on behalf of Fernandez because he had cocaine and alcohol in his system. The crash is still being investigated by authorities and the driver of the boat has yet to be determined. The lawsuits will be contingent on the investigation as to who was driving at the time which is still under investigation. It was a tragic accident that could have been avoided by all. Fernandez’s family will hire a personal injury attorney in Florida to argue the case. This can be a drawn out battle as they wait for the crash investigation to be completed.


Another issue that needs to be addressed is the potential for wrongful death charges. This can be brought up because due to the negligence of Fernandez and the fact that he owned the boat, he was ultimately responsible for what happened on the boat and for the safety of all aboard. There are many ways the cases can be argued and it is up to the personal injury attorney in Miami to find the appropriate approach. As of now the lawsuit only addresses the issue of personal injury and negligence. It seems they are starting off small and may choose to add or raise the charges as more information is released. The personal injury defense attorney will fight tooth and nail on behalf of the Fernandez estate to have the charges dismissed. The attorney working the lawsuit has already commented that a settlement is unlikely as he feels the crash report will determine Fernandez was not at the wheel at the time. If that is truly the case then the case can be dismissed and the Fernandez family can continue to heal and recover from the tragic loss of a star baseball player.

How a Personal Injury Attorney can Help

Personal injury can be caused at any time and when you least expect it. It can leave a long lasting effect on the person injured as well as their loved ones. Some injuries end in years of therapy and permanent injury. The victim may never be able to recover fully. This is not right and the person who caused the injury should be held responsible through the legal system. A personal injury attorney can help guide you on the appropriate path of action for your particular case. They will compile evidence including medical and accident reports. They will also take witness statements and ensure you are obtaining the best medical care. The first goal is to get you healthy and healed. You can let the attorneys at the Neufeld Law firm handle the rest.