Personal Injury Statements
Never allow yourself to be interviewed or provided a statement to an insurance company without a personal injury lawyer.
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Injury Statements

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Never allow yourself to be interviewed or provided a statement to an insurance company without a personal injury lawyer. Below are some common questions asked by insurance companies

Car Accident Injury Statements

General Questions Surrounding the Subject Car Accident

  • What were the weather conditions? If raining, were wipers on? If dark – headlights on?
  • Were you wearing your seat belt?
  • What road were you travelling on? In what direction? Which lane? How many lanes in total?
  • Where were you coming from, where were you going to? Are you familiar with the area? How often do you drive the area?
  • Was anyone else in the car with you? Anyone in the other car(s) involved?
  • What was the speed limit? How fast were you going?
  • How was traffic? Did anything obstruct your view?
  • Year, make, model of vehicle involved? Do you own it or someone else? If someone else, who?
  • Did you see the other automobile prior to the collision?

Details of the Actual Car Accident

  • Describe what caused the accident?
  • Could you have done anything to avoid the accident? Did the other driver do anything in attempt to avoid the accident?
  • Describe the impact. Describe the points of impact? Did the force of the at-fault party push or move you into another vehicle or object? Where did the vehicles end up? Were there any skid marks? How long were they? Describe the damage to your car and the other automobile(s) involved in the car accident.
  • Did you talk to any of the other drivers involved? If so, what did they say?


  • Were you texting while driving? Did you notice if the other driver was texting while driving prior to the accident (or otherwise engaged with his/her smart phone).
  • Were you rushing? Were you playing with the radio? Were you talking on the phone?

Slip and Fall Injury Statements

  • Why were you at the particular location where you slipped and fell?
  • If outside or just inside an ingress/egress point – what were the weather conditions like? What type of lighting was available?
  • Was maintenance needed? Was anyone, affiliated with the responsible party, aware that maintenance was needed? How do you know?
  • Were there any dangerous conditions? Was anyone affiliated with the responsible party aware that there were any dangerous conditions? How do you know? Was the dangerous condition obvious or hidden?
  • What were you doing immediately before the slip/trip and fall incident? Were you rushing?
  • Where exactly did you fall? Was a foreign object or debris involved? How long was the object there?
  • Was the floor wet? If so, where did it seem that the wetness originated?
  • Were there any rugs, carpet or mats in the area?
  • Were you holding anything when you fell? Were you talking with anyone when you fell? Where were you looking right before you fell?
  • Have you walked or traversed the area in which you slipped and fell before? Are you familiar with the area/premises?
  • Did anything obstruct your view near the area in which you fell?
  • What kind of shoes were you wearing (i.e. sandals, flip flips, sneakers, rubber-sole shoes, etc…)
  • Did you fall backwards or forwards (or to the side)?

Generic Information (both car accidents and slip and falls)

  • Basic contact information, name, address, marital status and social-security number (I only allow my clients to give the last four, no need to have the full social-security number recorded on a tape that will likely be transcribed later).
  • Types of medications taken
  • Do you wear glasses or contacts?
  • Did you have alcohol in the 12 hours preceding the injury.
  • Employment at the time of the injury (if lost wages is an issue).
  • Date, time and location of the subject injury.
  • Were there any witnesses? Was an incident report created?

Injuries (both car accidents and slip and falls.

  • Did fire-rescue or ambulance show up?
  • Did you go to an emergency room or urgent-care center? Were you admitted to a hospital? When was the first time you sought medical care?
  • What injuries did you sustain? Are you still seeking treatment?
  • Did you miss time from work? If so, how much? Where are you employed? How long have you been employed there? Who is your supervisor?
  • Have you ever been injured before? If so when, what kind of injury, any lingering pain from prior injury?