Pokemon GO Blamed for Rise of Car Accidents in Fort Lauderdale
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Pokemon GO Blamed for Rise of Car Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

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It is one of the most popular and downloaded smartphone apps today. People all across Fort Lauderdale are playing popular game Pokemon GO. Smartphones have become such a huge part of our lives. From getting directions from Google to ordering a pizza, it seems they can do just about anything. However, too much reliance on your phone can bring a heavy price–especially when you are on South Florida’s busy roadways. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that far too many people are driving around while trying to catch Pikachu and his friends.

The numbers are alarming. During a 10-day period, researchers from Johns Hopkins University and San Diego State University obtained 345,433 tweets containing the words, “Pokemon” and “driving” along with “drives”, “drive” or “car”. Online research also extended to Internet stories about people getting into car accidents while playing Pokemon GO. The results revealed that 18 percent of tweets that mentioned people playing Pokemon GO while driving in their cars. Nearly a third of those texts indicated an accident occurred. Although players cannot collect Pokemon pieces going more than 10 MPH, participants can search for Pokemon at any speed.

When most people think of impaired driving in Fort Lauderdale, they immediately think of motorists under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, the combination of driving and cell phone use has quickly become a major problem. Here’s an outside homework assignment. The next time you are at a red light, take a quick look at the drivers to the left and right of your vehicle. There is very good chance either one or both drivers is using their cell phone. It may seem harmless when you are at a stop light. But what about the motorists who continue to drive and text at the same time?  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, drivers under the age of 20 have the highest rate of distraction-related car accidents in Fort Lauderdale. They are also among the largest group of Pokemon GO game players.

Pokemon GO represents a new breed of app that combines fantasy with reality. When thousands of people are openly tweeting or texting about playing the game while driving, it is a sad commentary on how little concern the average person has for distracted driving. Most people would not allow their friends drive drunk. Yet, there does not seem to be as much level of concern for those who choose to play with their phones and drive.

The consequences of distracted driving are steep. Far too many people are injured in Fort Lauderdale car accidents as a result. It is one of the fastest growing types of personal injury cases. So what are the solutions. According to researchers, game developers are more than capable of creating apps that are safe for the road by making them inaccessible while driving. Games are fun to play. But no game is worth risking your life. If you have been injured in a car accident as the result of negligence, it is time to collect the settlement money you deserve. Contact our Law Firm for a personal injury lawyer today.

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