How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents During Hurricane Season
Slip and fall accidents are very common during this wet time of the year. If an accident occurs, seek medical treatment and ask a personal injury attorney.
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How to
prevent slip and fall accidents during hurricane season?

How to
prevent slip and fall accidents during hurricane season?

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: slip and fall lawyer

It is easy to get distracted, especially during hurricane season. Slip and fall accidents are very common during this wet time of the year. Whether you stumble down a stairway or fall on an uneven surface, you may sustain minor and severe injuries that require long-term medical treatment and the legal assistance of a personal injury attorney. There are conditions that set the stage for this accident category, which you should avoid, particularly during hurricane season.

Statistics speak for themselves

Slip and fall accidents are the most common accidents during hurricane season. It accounts for 15% of all accident-related deaths every year and also about 25% of all reported injuries. Almost one million people lose workdays each year due to injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents. With these alarming statistics and facts, you may want to be extra careful when heading out there.

What may have caused these accidents?

These accidents are generally caused by a loss of traction. Some conditions that may lead to the accident include:

  • Dangerous weather
  • Greasy or wet surfaces
  • Wet or oily shoe soles
  • Dusty and uneven floors
  • Recently waxed floors
  • Loose floor and carpet
  • Defective or damaged ladder steps

Some things you can do to prevent these accidents

Safety starts at home. Create safe housekeeping practices and avoid any risky conditions. The same applies for the workplace and public places you like to visit. Try to plan ahead. Think about ways your home and work area can be safer. Talk to your boss if you see any dangers or conditions that may cause an accident. You can always make your home a safer place by implementing a good housekeeping plan.

You should avoid slippery surfaces. This is the most common cause of slip and fall accidents with the majority of the injuries being reported every year. Whether at the parking lot, sidewalks or floors, these surfaces are very unpredictable, especially during rainy season. You should also avoid obstacles, clutter, and debris. Remember traffic areas take time to clean, especially after one of those nasty storms.

Proper lighting

Whether in the workplace or in the streets, poor lighting can lead to dangerous slip and fall accidents. If you need to cross these areas, avoid obstructions and clutter, and use your cellphone’s flashlight. If you lost power in your house, find ways to illuminate your home so that your family is safe from any slip and fall incidents. Footwear is also very important in preventing these accidents so wear proper shoes. When at work, make sure you wear comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the type of tasks you perform.

Stay Calm

This is the hardest part. It’s easy to be distracted by thoughts and being in a hurry. This can increase your chances of getting involved in a slip and fall accident. Watch where you are going and put the cell phone down. If an accident occurs, seek prompt medical treatment and ask an personal injury attorney for a slip and fall accident on how to handle the legalities.