Reasons Why Uber May Be the Most Dangerous Means of Transportation
Uber for a ride may be a dangerous endeavor whether you’re a passenger, driver or a third party. Injured? Call attorneys at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert.
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Reasons Why
Uber May Be the Most Dangerous Means of Transportation in America

Reasons Why
Uber May Be the Most Dangerous Means of Transportation in America

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Hollywood, Uber accident attorney

Uber and Lyft are the largest ridesharing companies in America that generate millions of dollars in revenue. But taking an Uber for a ride may be a dangerous endeavor whether you’re a passenger, driver or a third party.

Uber has been around for almost a decade, and even though its advantages are undeniable – it’s cheap, accessible, easy, it creates new jobs, and has the potential to decrease rates of drunk driving and make the roads of America safer – let’s face the obvious truth here: Uber is actually dangerous.

Our Hollywood Uber accident attorney at the Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA, has outlined some of the most common reasons why the ridesharing app may not be the safest choice to get to your destination.
You may want to think twice before requesting a ride via an Uber app after considering the potential hazards that the ridesharing service creates in Hollywood and elsewhere in the U.S.

Risks for passengers: Uber can be deadly

It’s true that Uber has the potential to make the roads of America safer by preventing DUI accident and drunk driving. After all, when your ride home is just a few clicks and minutes away on your phone, you’re less likely to get behind the wheel of your vehicle drunk and hope that you arrive home safe and sound.

However, Uber and other ridesharing services in America create certain other risks for your wellbeing and life. Let’s review the most common reasons why Uber is dangerous.

Lack of professional driving qualifications

It’s no secret by now that just about anyone can become an Uber driver. After all, all you need to start making money with Uber as a driver is to show proof of residency, good health and hygiene, and have a driver’s license that has not been suspended or expired.

Uber claims to perform background checks to ensure that their drivers have a clean criminal record, but we all know – after seeing quite a few disturbing headlines in the news – that it’s not always true.

Also, Uber claims that it requires every driver to complete taxi driving training, but there have been numerous cases when Uber drivers were allowed to work without passing any tests and training.

That means ANYONE could become an Uber driver, from an unexperienced driver who hasn’t even learned all traffic rules and puts your life in danger due to his/her incompetence behind the wheel to a serial killer and sex offender. You never know who your Uber driver is. That’s a fact.

Faulty background check system

Perhaps the biggest safety concern of Uber and other ridesharing services in America is that they all seem to have a faulty background check system.

Sure, the company claims that it performs DMV checks in addition to federal/multi-state criminal background checks that go back seven years before allowing drivers to work for the company, but we all know that these background checks don’t help to keep criminals and mentally unstable Uber drivers from unsuspecting and vulnerable passengers.

In fact, there have been quite a few independent investigations into Uber’s background checks, which revealed that the company approves drivers with criminal records, including with convictions of battery and assault, drunk driving and reckless driving.

You never know whether or not Uber did a good job when performing background checks on your Uber driver who is supposed to take you home for $10. Just because he smiled at you or opened the door for you doesn’t make him a good guy. Beware of wolfish drivers in sheepish clothing.

Uber avoids liability in accidents

Despite an outpouring of Uber accidents in America that grab the country’s headlines way too often, the company doesn’t seem to take any viable steps to make its ridesharing app safer for passengers.

Not to mention that Uber denies any liability in accidents or any incidents that happen between their drivers and passengers – and any third parties involved, for that matter – because Uber drivers are legally classified as independent contractors.

In fact, if you actually read Uber’s terms and conditions after downloading the company’s app, you may have noticed that the ridesharing giant absolves itself of anything that happens to you. Even if you’re injured, sexually assaulted or murdered by the Uber driver, you or your loved ones will most likely not be able to hold the company liable unless you’re legally represented by a Hollywood Uber accident lawyer.

We all remember that terrifying day when a young girl was killed by an Uber driver while crossing the street. After the family of the girl filed a lawsuit against the company, Uber avoided liability by citing its terms and conditions and using defense against third party plaintiffs.

Don’t be naïve to think that you can hold Uber liable for your injuries, damages or the death of your loved one, without the legal help of an attorney. After all, if the company can use that defense against an innocent child, what makes you think that the same defense won’t be used against you?

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