Rideshare Lawyer Shares FAQs about Rideshare Apps and Auto Accidents
A Florida rideshare lawyer answers frequently asked questions about getting into an auto accident while in a rideshare.
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A Rideshare
Lawyer Shares FAQs About Rideshare Apps and Auto Accidents

A Rideshare
Lawyer Shares FAQs About Rideshare Apps and Auto Accidents

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer

rideshare lawyer

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are great for getting around town for work, errands, or even a night out. While it seemed a little odd at first, calling up a stranger to drive you has quickly become completely normal.

But we’ve all had that one Uber driver that was going a little too fast, or cutting red lights a little too close for our liking. It may get you thinking: what happens if you get into an accident while you’re in an Uber?

Because of that, we thought it might be helpful to post some frequently asked questions about rideshare accidents and what you should do.

Should I stay with my rideshare after the accident, even if I’m not injured?

If you are lucky enough to walk out of the accident without a scratch, you may just want to go home or get to work after the accident. However, it doesn’t hurt to stay with your driver and make sure that he or she handles the accident properly and stays on the scene until the police arrive. Once you have reported the incident to Uber or Lyft and gathered any information that you think is appropriate, you can head to your destination.

Do I need to collect any information after the accident?

Even though you are not the driver, we definitely suggest getting as much information as you can about the crash: each driver’s contact and insurance information, pictures of each car’s damages, witness testimony, and so on. If you later discover that you were hurt, all of this information can help your case.

Will Uber pay for my accident? Will Lyft?

Even if you are not injured in the accident, there is a good chance you will still get your ride refunded or receive credit for future rides. And if you are injured as a passenger, there’s a good chance you’ll receive compensation for your injuries.

Uber boasts its $1 million insurance policy plan. If you are a passenger while an Uber is actively working and you get into an accident, Uber will pay for your injuries. Lyft has a similar policy.

Keep in mind that this is their general policy. Every case is different, so it is possible that they may try to avoid paying you compensation. That’s why it is always smart to work with an injury lawyer who understands how to push back.

What if I get into an accident as a rideshare driver?

If you were actively driving a passenger at the time of the accident, you will be covered by Uber/Lyft’s $1 million insurance policy plan. However, things get a little tricky if you did not have the app open or were searching for a ride. Uber and Lyft employs its drivers as independent contractors, so you may have to file a claim with your personal insurance company if you were not on the job at the time of the accident.

Will I get fired if I am a driver and get in an accident?

That all depends on the circumstances of the accident and your previous record. If this is not your first accident, or if you were at fault for the accident due to intoxication or recklessness, you may be let go. If you are not found to be at fault or otherwise have a clean driving record, it is likely that you will be able to continue driving after the case has been settled.

The bottom line is that if you have been injured in an accident while you were using an Uber or a Lyft, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Contact a knowledgeable rideshare lawyer today to get the money you deserve.