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scratchy cruise ship experience

Your Scratchy
Cruise Ship Experience

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Miami bed bug attorney

These little companions may not be so welcomed but they can get into your bed without knocking on your door. Although cruise ships infestations are apparently not very common as portrayed by the media, people going on cruises tell a different story. This is an increasing problem in many cruise ships we trust. But what exactly are bed bugs?

They are just parasitic insects that will feed on your blood. But they are quite smart as they will only drink the precious nectar while you sleep. Bedbugs are wingless so in a way they are limited but their bites can make you uncomfortable and they quite itchy.  Some people can have allergic reactions and may need to go to the doctor. Consulting a personal injury lawyer is the best thing you can do for yourself. Without adequate compensation, your medical bills can get expensive.

Bedbugs don’t need carry-ons. All they need is your blood and the blood of your pets. Even if the cruise ship is very clean, you may still find them around. They can hide in bags, and other items travelers tend to carry. Many people may not realize these little insects are accompanying them in all their travels.

Inspect your bedroom

After the brief intro, you may want to inspect your bedding to see if there is any bedbugs. They are sometimes found in the bed’s headboard.  Sometimes headboards are too close to the wall and you may not notice them. But you may find blood spots on the mattress and furniture. A flashlight is the best way to spot them at night.

Bed bug bites

Bed bug bites are not any different from mosquito bites or any other insect’s bite. These bites can look swollen, reddish, in a straight line. Bedbugs may prefer some people’s blood so if two people share the same bed, one of them may complain about the little insects while the other has no idea what’s going on.

How can I get rid of them?

You can always use products to spray on your luggage, liners, etc. Some of these products can prevent them  from spreading. However, it’s not sure how efficient these products can be. One thing that may work is placing your luggage away from the bed and also removing any mats on the foot of your bed.

What should you do about it?

Contact us as soon as you can. If you need medical assistance, go to the ship’s doctor. However, be advised, this is an out of pocket expense unless you have travel insurance. If you didn’t purchase insurance, make sure you keep all receipts and ask for a copy of your medical records. This can help your personal injury lawyer when proving your case. Besides your medical bill, any money spent on hiring cleaning companies, replacing clothes, sheets, and mattresses may also be reimbursed.