The Staged Car Accident Is Back. Here’s How to Avoid It.
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The Staged
Car Accident Is Back. Here’s How to Avoid It.

The Staged
Car Accident Is Back. Here’s How to Avoid It.

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Miami Car Accident

The Staged Car Accident Is Back. Here’s How to Avoid It.

Steven King writes compelling literature, but not even the world’s greatest novelist can script staged car accidents as perfectly as those who perpetrate these insurance scams.

You’ve probably read about the “swoop-and-squat” method of accident staging. If not, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version provided by an Miami car accident attorney skilled in litigating against these mongrels.

You’ll have one vehicle, ‘the primary’. This driver will swoop directly in front of your car and suddenly slam their brakes. Another vehicle, ‘the blocker’, will ride alongside your vehicle to make sure you’re unable to swerve and avoid collision. Once you’ve crashed, droves of mysterious people will enter and leave the scene, claiming they were injured. Sketchy towing services may show up, too.

The claim will get submitted by the primary driver, you’re stuck with the bill, and now you’ve dinged your otherwise flawless driving record.

It appeared this scam had quieted down. But it’s very much alive, duping innocent drivers across Florida. Avoiding this insurance flimflam isn’t hard if you take these simple precautions.

Maintain safe distances between other cars

Tailgating is essentially how these criminals get you. They know you’re driving the speed limit, so they’ll make sure you’re unable to maintain safe space between their ‘lead’ car, and others who may tailgate behind you.

While you’re working hard to maintain safe distances, take notice of other cars if possible. Notate any odd gestures or actions that seem out of place. The car acting as the blocker may appear before the swooping vehicle, so take notice when this vehicle suddenly rides alongside you despite the fact they sped to your position.

Phone police with suspicions

Should your Miami car accident attorney later ask how you handled the incident, phoning the police to unveil this scam will strengthen your counterclaim. Here’s how that may play out.

You’re riding down the interstate, and see what appears to be this scam unfolding before your eyes. Your first attempt to dodge the drivers works, but they’re closing in again. Dialing 911, you’re able to describe the vehicles involved with this sham, and keep the dispatcher fed with concurrent activity. Several highway patrol cars pull over the suspecting cars, and you’re able to pull over to give your account. Scam is broken up and arrests are possibly made. All because of your diligence.

Anything that seems abnormal when driving down the highway could be an attempt to pull this trick. Do the right thing, and phone authorities.

Cops didn’t make it yet? Take photos.

Perhaps you phoned 911, but police are several minutes away. The accident is mere seconds from taking place, and you feel something’s not right. But you’ve got an iPhone that snaps hundreds of frames per minute.

Pull you phone out, aim it in front of you, and snap as many pictures as your camera allows. If video seems more accessible, take an extended video of the situation. Go Facebook Live, if need be, and dictate everything your viewers are seeing.

This invaluable evidence will solidify your counterclaim should the accident happen. Your Miami car accident attorney will sing your praises when they’re presented with this ironclad evidence.

Remember, diligence is key in foiling scams.

If there’s something beneficial in society, there will always be people around to take advantage of it. Such is the case with insurance.

Don’t fear this scam, or the criminals perpetrating it. Once you find yourself pinched between several cars, and something seems dicey, pick up that phone and document the incident after phoning law enforcement with your general direction and last known location.

Your diligence can unravel insurance fraud, and will make an Miami car accident attorney defending your case quite proud.