Staying Safe on Your Cruise
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Staying Safe
on Your Cruise

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Planning a cruise is one of the most exciting adventures we experience, and since they normally include everything, we tend to assume we will not have to be concerned about anything.

While it’s wonderful to look forward to a refreshing and relaxing vacation, a cruise can also pose some potential risks that we would be wise to consider and prepare for should anything go wrong.

Things to consider about staying safe on your cruise include:

  • Always read the fine print on your multi-page ticket before boarding the ship, and have your cruise accident attorney review it and answer your questions and/or concerns in advance.
  • Consider what type of medical assistance will be available if you, your loved one, or friend becomes ill or is injured. Be sure to also include your own first-aid kit. In addition, always alert the medical staff of any pre-existing conditions that could potentially require some type of medical intervention.
  • Be cognizant that crime exists everywhere, and a cruise ship does not exempt you or your loved ones from becoming a victim. Protect yourself and those you love by always traveling about the ship in pairs, and always making others in your party aware of where you will be at all times. Remember that cell phones normally do not operate while on board a ship in international waters, and if they do, you should be prepared to pay exorbitant rates should you decide to use one. However, internet is normally available, as well as a phone in your room. Most cruise ships also provide safes for your valuables.
  • If you do encounter a problem during your cruise be aware that the crew will be more concerned about protecting their employer and themselves than you. Make careful notes and take pictures, and if possible, obtain information regarding names, telephone numbers, and addresses of any potential witnesses.

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Contact the cruise accident attorneys at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert in Miami today to discuss your cruise concerns.