Stray Dog Attack; What to Do

One of the first steps to take in a stray dog attack is to attempt to identify the dog and its owner.  Doing so may help prevent your having to be immunized for rabies.  If the owner of the dog can be identified, always alert them to the injuries you received, and obtain copies of the dog’s immunization records.  If the owner is not immediately identified and you are unable to obtain the immunization records, you must start rabies shots within 48 hours of being bitten; however, if you begin this treatment, but you discover the dog has been immunized against rabies, the shots can then be stopped.

Take pictures of the wound and seek immediate medical attention.  The doctor will most likely irrigate the wound to help prevent infection.  Ask the doctor to take pictures and measure the wound.  The doctor may also prescribe oral medication to prevent infection.

Dog Bite Laws

Florida laws do hold dog owners responsible for injuries resulting from their dog biting an individual.  These laws are strictly upheld, and will help provide you with the medical treatment you need following a stray dog attack.

Compensation for Stray Dog Attack

Depending upon where you were bitten, you may even find that you need plastic surgery.  Most pet owners have home owners insurance that will cover the cost of your medical treatment, including plastic surgery. Be cautious when discussing your injuries with the insurance provider, and do not agree to sign off on a settlement until you have your attorney look over the paperwork.  It’s important to remember that insurance adjustors work for the insurance companies, and are paid to resolve and settle claims quickly and to the best advantage of the insurance company.

Dog Bite Claims in North Miami Beach

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