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No Longer Feel Safe in School

Students No
Longer Feel Safe in School

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Negligent Security

Schools are no longer the safest place to send your children. With countless acts of violence being reported each year, many students feel something can go wrong anytime. There are also more professors that exercise unethical behavior and an increasing amount of rapes and shootings taking place in our schools. But why is this happening? One of the most common causes of accidents and crime in schools is the lack of vigilance and the availability of drugs. Unfortunately, many incidents go unreported because people feel the school will not do anything to fix the situation. If your children have been attacked or injured in school ask a Florida personal injury attorney about your options for justice and compensation. Sometimes these injuries or crimes could have been prevented if the school had implemented better security measures.

Negligent security cases

These cases generally include victims who were robbed and assaulted in a commercial property. Most incidents occur in stores, parking garages, hotels, and schools. The most common negligent security cases include sexual assaults and robberies. Whether armed or unarmed, these are serious offenses that could have been prevented by adequate security. These cases require aggressive representation as many schools and property owners are often unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

Drug abuse and school violence

Drugs weren’t much of an issue for students in the 90s. There were incidents of kids hiding or drinking alcohol but drugs weren’t available like they are today, particularly synthetic drugs, which cause much harm to our kids. You never heard about school bombings, shootings, and sexual assaults like we do today. School violence is rampant and one of the primary reasons is drug abuse. Kids have more access to these substances. They can buy them in school or online. It’s just going to take a while before things get better as many people are becoming wealthy selling these substances and greed is too powerful. The problem with these illegal drugs is that they make people violent and create an unsafe environment for our children. We see it in the news every day.

School liability

Schools are responsible for creating a safe learning environment. Teachers and school administrators need to keep an eye on their students and protect them from any harm. Any dangerous conditions should be eliminated and students should be supervised at all times, especially young children. When school authorities don’t protect its students, they are held liable for acing carelessly. Students victims of such negligence can receive compensation for any accidents or injuries sustained in school. Older students who work can receive compensation for lost wages as well and parents can receive compensation for pain and suffering. It’s heartbreaking when you hear about your children becoming victims of these crimes or accidents in a place that’s supposed to be safe.

Proving your case

Photographs, witnesses statements or any other evidence you have gathered are important elements to prove your case. With the help of a personal injury attorney you will handle your claim more effectively.