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Suffering from
Surgical Errors?

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Regardless of how much faith we place in our doctors, it’s important to remember they are simply human, and they are subject to mistakes.  Many individuals are intimidated by their physician’s and the knowledge they believe these professionals are supposed to possess; therefore, they refrain from questioning their advice, their diagnosis, the medications they prescribe, or their declaration that surgery is necessary to cure their illness or injury.

Many surgical errors are never diagnosed simply due to the intimidation factor. However, they do occur, and they occur more frequently in some hospitals and by some physicians than many medical professionals and medical facilities want to admit.

Take Charge of Your Health Care

Being involved in your own health care is imperative when faced with any type of medical issue or crisis. This entails asking questions and expecting answers that you can understand. It also means understanding that all medical personnel, including your physician, are paid by you to provide you with the medical care you deserve. You have the right to expect the same respect from your physician that you offer to them.

Surgical utensils left inside a person due to surgical errors occurs frequently in hospitals across the U.S., and the individuals involved often suffer needlessly for extended periods of time due to their fear of offending the surgeon by stating what they believe is wrong with them. The personal injuries resulting from this type of surgical error can even be life threatening, and at the very least cause on-going health issues after they are removed.

Other surgical errors such as severing an artery during open-heart surgery, or removing veins, to be used for grafting to other veins, from an injured leg not having veins to spare, are other common surgical errors.

The list of surgical errors is extensive and many times elusive to individuals not understanding why they are suffering from other symptoms following the surgery that was supposed to heal them.

Personal Injury
Representation in Miami

Miami personal injury attorneys at Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert will work compassionately and tenaciously on your behalf to ensure that you and your loved ones receive fair and just compensation if you suffer from surgical errors. Contact us today to get started on your case.