Summer Driving Advice for Aventura Drivers

Summer conjures up images of road trips and relaxation while enjoying the warm weather. However, nothing will end your enjoyment like an accident, especially one that incurs personal injury. Here are five tips to minimize potential summer road risks:

  1. Monitor summer weather. Rain, lightning and hail can cause unsafe driving conditions during the warm weather and can evolve somewhat unexpectedly. If you are driving in a storm, slow down your driving speed and increase the space between your car and the car in front of you. Make sure headlights are on. Keep your windows defogged and your windshield wipers at the appropriate speed to maintain the best visibility.
  2. Check your tires. Underinflated tires will inhibit the effective operation of your car and lessen your fuel efficiency. Worn tires will increase the risk of an accident during storms. Regular inspection of your tires will prevent tire blowouts and will help you recognize when you need new tires.
  3. Share the road with bicyclists and motorcyclists. Be cautious of runners and walkers on the road. Stay alert, recognize your blind spots and take extra precautions at intersections. Always allow plenty of room.
  4. Obey speed limits. Summer weather usually means an increase in summer travelers. Avoid the tendency to increase your speed as you commute and travel. Not only will you avoid a speeding ticket, you will also limit the risks of a car accident.
  5. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Relaxing by the pool or on the beach can include alcohol consumption. Designate a driver if your summer celebrations include drinking. Everyone can be assured they will arrive home safely.

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