The Sunshine State Has Some of The Worst Drivers
Studies confirm that Florida drivers are not as attentive as we would like them to be. Need information about how an attorney can help you? Call us today.
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The Sunshine
State Has Some of The Worst Drivers

The Sunshine
State Has Some of The Worst Drivers

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer, Fort Lauderdale

Recent studies confirm that Florida drivers are not as attentive as we would like them to be. For those of us living in South Florida, that’s not too surprising. The magnificent state has one of the lowest numbers of insured drivers in the whole nation, in spite of auto insurance being required. We also have higher numbers of people killed in accidents. If you get involved in a collision. Make sure you contact a personal injury attorney to help you with the legalities. Attorneys are pretty busy around here but they will always find time for you.

Welcome to Florida!

If you are one of those disoriented tourists in the streets, enjoying the view and having a merry time, you are truly lucky. Those of us living in Florida, have to face so many unpredictabilities every time we head out on the highway, particularly those related to reckless driving. Even Google says that Florida residents tend to google speeding and traffic tickets very often.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of vehicle accidents in Florida. Just too many distracted drivers on the road. The same is true for overall driving safety. There is a lot of careless drivers out there and you must be cautious when visiting Florida. While traffic fatalities keep increasing, there are great personal injury attorneys willing to help people involved in accidents in their time of need.

Vehicle accident statistics

With over 18 million Florida drivers and millions of tickets written every year, it is good taking a look at some statistics. Some studies show that traffic deaths have increased 43% in recent years with almost two thousand deaths each year. More than 30,000 accidents occur every month and drivers in their early twenties are more at risk, mainly due to cell phone distractions.

Main Causes

Researchers believe that the main cause of these accidents is the rise in traffic. Others think it’s the economy getting better, more jobs, and low gas price, which tends to attract more tourists. Statistics show that during the recession, people didn’t spend a lot of money traveling or visiting Florida. With less cars on the roads, fewer traffic accidents occurred. If you take a closer look at history, you will find out that traffic fatalities are often linked to the economy.

Not everything is bad news

Some studies show that the state has some of the lowest DUI arrests records in the nation. Whether that’s mainly due designated drivers or Uber’s intervention, we past the test. Some people like Tiger Woods aren’t that lucky as they may get arrested on DUI charges.

Smart people hire an attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney is often a smart decision, depending on the circumstances of your accident. You will get the most out of your case and ensure a successful outcome. For more information about how an attorney can help you with your car accident, call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.