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Finding the best car accident lawyer Hollywood FL isn’t something that most people want to ever have to worry about. Call NKP today.
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Finding the best car accident lawyer Hollywood FL isn’t something that most people want to ever have to worry about. Hollywood in Florida, after all, is a truly wonderful community and with the ocean as your scenery by day and the fun bars, restaurants and people watching on Hollywood Blvd or Harrison Street by night, you can easily forget your troubles.

Hollywood is part of Broward County, FL and it has a population of more than 14o,000. It was founded in 1925 by a visionary, Joseph Wesley Young, and it is currently the 12th biggest city in the Sunshine state.

Even though you may not be looking for trouble here, trouble could find you. It should come as no surprise to you that with so many people trying to have a good time here, accidents can and do happen on the road.

So how do you find the best lawyer for car accident cases? To help you in your search, we have listed a few crucial steps to find the best car accident lawyers for any vehicular accident in Hollywood, Florida. Take a look:

What To Ask A Lawyer About Car Accident Cases

If you’re interested to know how to find a good car accident lawyer, you should compile a list of what to ask a lawyer about car accident cases, because you will learn a lot from the answers you get.

Some law firms may charge for a consultation but what you need is a law firm that offers it free of charge. It shouldn’t cost you anything at all just to discover what a law firm can do for you specifically.

In this kind of consultation, you get to ask various questions concerning the viability of the case, what the lawyer can do for you, and what kind of fee structure you can expect.

Car Accident
Lawyers Discuss
What They Can Do for You

Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

This is a very commonly asked question among people who got involved in a vehicular accident, but with the right law firm the answer becomes clear. After a competent law firm has explained what they can do for you, you’ll know, if you sustained an injury in that car accident, the answer is a resounding YES.

A law firm should be very specific as to what kind of services they can offer you. For example, they can help you through every step of the process when you’re involved in a car accident. They can tell you what to do exactly. A great car accident lawyer should be working for you even after they settle or obtain a verdict in your case, to negotiate down any outstanding medical bills that were incurred as a result of your injury.

Meanwhile, they can also do their own investigation, especially when your insurance company tries to do its own investigation to determine whether you’re at fault. It’s well-known that some insurance companies are much more hesitant to pay out insurance claims than they are in taking the premiums you pay. What’s not known is that you may be held responsible for a car accident even though another party was at fault. A serious and thorough investigation by a qualified law firm can help you uncover evidence that exonerates you and finds the real culprit.

This investigation should be very comprehensive, and should involve taking statements from police reports, eyewitness accounts, video footage, driving records, and medical records.

Finally, the law firm can determine the damages and compensation you can get for the accident. These may include medical and rehab expenses, lost wages and future earning ability, pain and suffering, any damage to your car and other items inside it, and even the cost of renovating your home when your injuries are severe to warrant such changes. That’s why after a car accident when to get a lawyer should be done ASAP, so that your law firm can begin to assess your case right away.

How Much Do
Car Accident Lawyers
In Hollywood Charge?

Lawyers are one of the most highly-paid professionals, so you may be worried that getting the professional legal assistance you may cost you a lot of money out of pocket. So how much do car accident lawyers charge? That depends.

Usually, the best car accident lawyers will charge you nothing upfront. The standard Florida Bar-approved contingency fee contract means you don’t pay fees for even the top 1 car accident lawyer if you don’t recover any money. But when the damages are paid out, the fees are taken out of the award or settlement you get.

What this means is that when you have the best lawyer for car accident cases, they’re invested in your case. They will devote their time and energy fighting for your cause, and the fact that they are willing to risk not getting paid means that they believe that you have a strong case.

This is a welcome relief, because you may be already saddled with numerous out of pocket expenses especially medical related expenses. By offering their contingency contract, a lawyer minimizes your expenses.

Who Is The Top
Auto Accident Lawyer
In Hollywood, Fl?

Some small or startup law firms have lawyers doing their own investigations, research, and leg work. That can truly reduce the quality of legal service you get.

Instead, a properly motivated law firm will have an entire team working on your behalf, even if you may only be communicating with lawyers and assistants. That means various experts should be available for you when you need them, including experienced investigators that specialize in vehicular accidents and medical experts. This is exactly what you get when you choose Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA. This firm has over 90 years of combined car accident lawyer experience ready to get to work for you.

Who Is The Best
Lawyer For Car
Accident Cases?

In some cases, lawyers may decide to actually open a practice shortly after law school, even though they don’t have much experience on their chosen specialty. They figure that they can learn through experience, although that may mean that their inexperience may not help your case much.

What you need is a law firm whose combined years of experience spans many decades, and who already has a solid understanding of what to expect in these types of cases. You can leverage on their experience, because many of the realities in legal cases can only be learned by experiencing them firsthand and not through reading about them in books.

Find a Good
Car Accident Lawyer

It’s also not enough that a law firm is experienced in car accident litigation. In an auto accident when to get a lawyer is crucial for your case; you need a law firm that actually has a good track record. They should be able to show you some of their previous cases in which their clients got a sizeable (or fair) compensation.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that you get any money at all, and you should be wary about law firms that promise sure results. After all, the other side has lawyers too. But that’s the point of getting a winning team of lawyers who have a good record of success. It assures you that this firm knows what needs to be done, and who are ready and willing to risk their own time and energy for your cause.

Auto Accidents –
When Should You
Get a Lawyer?

That means two things. One is that it’s not enough that you search Google for a car accident lawyer Hollywood FL. It’s also not enough that the law firm you contact is licensed to operate in Florida.

What you need is a law firm that’s nearby. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes for you to get to their law office if you’re in Hollywood, nor should it take too long for their investigators to get to the scene of the accident. They should be there fast so that you can get the legal assistance you need as quickly as possible.

In addition, choose a law firm that’s always available and accessible. Some law offices are only available on weekdays during normal working hours. But obviously, car accidents do not always occur during these convenient times. A lot of accidents happen late at night. During the weekend, more people are on the streets of Hollywood having a good time, and this substantially increases the likelihood of an accident.

So what you need is a law firm that’s available for you to contact any time. That means you can call them up late at night, and even on weekends. Obviously, you can’t wait for Monday morning when you’re involved in a Saturday night car accident.

Need A Lawyer
After A Car Accident?

If you are in any pain at all: YES. Absolutely. You need a law firm that can be at your side when and where you need them. Find a law firm that knows what to do, and have a proven track record of success. They should offer a reasonable fee structure that doesn’t include charging you attorney’s fees for consultations and for representation unless you win your case.

Not every car accident lawyer Hollywood FL residents get can meet this set of standards. But we can. Simply read the numerous car accident lawyer reviews we’ve received, then pick up the phone or meet us in person and you’ll know this is true. We are the law firm you need when you’re involved in a car accident right here in Hollywood, Florida.

With the right car accident lawyer in Hollywood FL residents can rest assured that they will receive whatever compensation they deserve. So give us a call today @ 305-931-6666. We want to earn your trust, your respectand only then would love to assist you thorough this crucial process. Give us a call today.