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The dagerous effects of car modification concerning sagfey is serious. Contect an attorney at Neufeld, Kleinbuerg & Pinkiert if you are injjured a a result.
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The dangerous
effects of car modifications

The dangerous
effects of car modifications

car modifications
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Miami Car Accident

Often when a car owner modifies their car they do it to their own taste and passions, wrongly assuming that the only problem they will face is a decrease in car value. They do not account for the other problems they may encounter.

Safety issues when a modified car is concerned

People make changes and modifications to their car for many reasons, it could be to make their car look more sporty and up to date than it is. They could also modify it to make the model more up to date with new wheels and a new color. While this costs quite a bit of money they do not realize that not only does this have safety implications but the changes made could also be illegal.

An example of this is darkening the back lights to try and make a vehicle look more uniform on a car. While aesthetically this looks very good, it then means that the color of the lights are not as vivid meaning that when you break in an emergency the car may not be seen by cars behind them, risking being rear ended and potentially causing a multi car accident. These can also be illegal. Due to this, in the event of a crash it is very likely that you will be held liable for the crash rather than other vehicles involved in the accident. This can result in no payout from yours or the other parties car insurance company.

If this is the view taken by the police then you could also be held liable for the crash and injuries incurred by the crash.

Effects of visibility on car insurance

One of the most popular trends, especially after movie and media promotion with movies like Fast and Furious is neon lights under the vehicle itself. Not only is this more than often illegal and can result in car impounding after multiple tickets, but the bright lights can make the car too visible for other drivers. It can cause a very big distraction to the drivers on the road with you. If you cause an accident and the other party says they were distracted by your lights, you’re unlikely to convince the Florida Highway Patrol that your under-carriage lights had nothing to do with the crash, placing you at fault of the accident in the police report.

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