The effects of PTSD on a Child After a Car Accident
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The effects of
PTSD on a child after a car accident

The Effects
of PTSD on a Child After a Car Accident

child after a car accident
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Miami Car Accident

Car accidents are experiences that can have many effects for the people involved. This can be physical, financial and even mental. Victims can be left feeling dazed, scared and shocked. If children are involved in a car accident the mental effects on them could be a lot greater than that on an adult, due to their innocent nature.

According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), children are prone to experiencing severe trauma following events like car accidents. One of these traumas is post traumatic stress disorder. In the unfortunate event that your child has been involved in an car accident that resulted in post traumatic stress disorder you may be able to claim compensation for medical bills and emotional damage on their behalf.

Symptoms of POst traumatic stress disorder in children:

The way Post traumatic stress disorder manifests in a child varies greatly depending on their age and maturity levels. POst traumatic stress disorder occurs when someone goes through a stressful and traumatic event like a car crash or violent episode. In younger children post traumatic stress disorder can show up with various symptoms like:

  • anger outbursts
  • changes in school or social life
  • nightmares
  • headaches
  • difficulty sleeping.

The effects of post traumatic stress disorder shows up differently in pre-teen and teenage children. The symptoms in these children can be;

  • poor school performance
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • difficulty sleeping.

Some teenagers may even develop a fear of driving once they reach driving age.

If any of these symptoms occur it is essential that your child is seen by a doctor or psychiatrist and given medical help as soon as possible.

Recovering Monetary Compensation for Post-Accident POst traumatic stress disorder:

It can be quite difficult to prove Post traumatic stress disorder when an accident occurs, particularly in cases of small children where being able to express feelings can be increasingly difficult.

There is also a certain level of doubt surrounding mental disorders when it comes to insurance companies and they will always try to reduce or completely eliminate any compensation that is due. One of the tactics that insurance companies may also use is to try and blame the cause of post traumatic stress disorder on another event that affected the child like a parental death or prior accidents.

If the child has a history of previous mental health conditions before the car accident, such as depression or anxiety, a mental health expert might be able to testify that the current accident made these preexisting conditions worse.

Contact a car accident lawyer in Florida

While the facts above are shocking and no one wishes to be involved in such a situation, if you are ever faced by the traumatized Effects of a car accident contact a car accident lawyer in Miami as a matter of urgency. For help and support through the situation by an experienced Miami car Accident lawyer, consult one of our team members at 305-91-6666.