The Worst Advice You Could Get About Personal Injury
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The Worst Advice
You Could Get About Personal Injury

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In the event you experience an injury on the premises of someone’s property (private or public), on the job, or in an auto or boating accident, be forewarned that there are pitfalls that await you when you process your claim with any insurance companies involved.  Sometimes knowing what not to do is the most helpful information to have.  For the purposes of this blog we’ve decided to take that approach by giving you 5 pieces of bad advice.  Here’s what not to do:

For the purposes of this blog we’ve decided to take that approach by giving you 5 pieces of bad advice. Here’s what not to do:

Go Ahead & Sign Any Paperwork
Before you speak with any attorney, it’s best not to serve anything at all. The same goes for recorded statements – don’t. Insurance claims adjusters could try to use these against you. Your attorney can help you know what’s okay to sign and what’s okay to say to protect yourself.

Let Your Guard Down With The Claim’s Adjuster
We know he’s nice. Yes, we know she smiles a lot and is comfortable to talk to. But beware! Getting too comfortable with your claims adjuster could arm them with information they could use to withhold the compensation you and your family deserve.

Share As Much Personal Information As You Can
You may be asked about your family and their medical history. Your claims adjuster is not just making polite conversation. Questions may come about the names of your doctors. You don’t have to answer these questions.

Give A Status Update On Your Injury
Any detail you share about your injuries can be used against you. So don’t give those details. Also, you’ll be asked to sign a release to make your medical records known. No matter how confident you feel about what they’ll find, don’t sign the release.

Take Settlement Before You Know The Full Extent Of Your Injuries
A good personal injury attorney can help you navigate these troubled waters. Sometimes a settlement may seem like a lot of money, but it would not be prudent to agree to it until you have thorough understood the extent of your medical bills, the ongoing medical care costs, loss of wages, loss of work benefits, and what it may cost to deal with the emotional trauma caused by the injury and it’s effects.

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