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Some things
you might not know about bed bugs

Some Things
You Might Not Know About Bed Bugs

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Bed Bugs Attorney

With the holiday season upon us, many families travel across the country, which means possible bed bug infestation. But there are some things you might not know about bed bugs.

They are not microscopic

Bedbugs are visible. They are not too small to go unnoticed. They resemble an apple seed. However, the newborns can be smaller. If you look close enough, you may be able find the eggs. Unfortunately, they tend to hide inside cracks so they may not always be that visible.

Not everybody react the same

Some people bitten by bedbugs may not react at all. Recent research shows that only small percentage of people react to bed bug bites So bites should not be the main sign that you have bed bugs.

They are not only found in beds

Most people believe bed bugs are only found in beds but that’s not necessarily true. They are also found on the ceiling, side tables, curtains, carpeting, and many other places around your house or hotel room. Some people transport bed bugs from one place to another. Bedbugs feed on any blood available if warm blood is not available.

Bedbugs are very fast

Bedbugs have six legs so they can run around very quickly. Some people believe they can fly or jump but that’s not true. They crawl and humans transport them in their belongings. Bedbugs will crawl three to four feet per minute. They get onto beds by crawling up through items nearby. For example, items those hang down and touch the floor or headboards touching the wall. They avoid slick surfaces as their feet don’t have much traction.

Heat kills bedbugs

Heating your blanket, sheets, clothes, bags, and any other item infected at 120F for 1 min will kill bedbugs and their eggs. If you think you brought some of infected items home from your holiday trip, put your things in the drier. Solar heating can also help eliminate these little insects. Put your belongings in a clear plastic bag and let it sit outside on a sunny day.

Poor sanitation may not be the cause

There might be other insects in your bed that are not bed bugs. Carpet beetles, for example, look different from bed bugs but some people think they are bedbugs because perhaps they are not familiar with how these tiny vampires look like.

There is treatment available

Some people believe bedbugs are not possible to control but that’s not true. There are treatment options as well as sanitation, fumigation, and other ways to get rid of them.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

Bites are the most common symptom and indicator of bed bugs. However, if these symptoms happen throughout the day somewhere other than your bed, chances are you don’t have bedbugs.

Bed Bugs can cause infections and may carry diseases

Some studies have found that bedbugs can carry disease organisms. However, this still remains a point of contention. While bedbugs are to blame for some infections, these infections are most common in children and the elderly. Some individuals bitten by bedbugs can have allergic reactions that require prompt medical care, particularly patients who have been exposed to frequent bites. The most common risks associated with bed bug are the psychological concerns and stress these bites may cause. Contact a personal injury lawyer for a free case review.

Bedbugs are insects that suck blood from humans and they can live for quite a while so is possible that they ingest bacteria and transmit it. Yet finding a bedbug-infested doesn’t mean it will transmit a disease. Some studies suggest a possible transmission of HIV by bed bugs. The main reason is that HIV can stay in bed bugs for up to 8 days. However, there is no proof of the transmission of HIV. Likewise, studies show that the hepatitis B virus (HBV) cannot multiply in bed bugs. Although HBV can persist in bed bugs or 7 days, there is no evidence of biological multiplication.

Apartment Bed Bug Infestation

Is my landlord responsible?

If you run into a dreaded case of bed bugs in your apartment, the first thing you need to do is contact your landlord for an exterminator. The pest control professional will need to determine the extent of the problem and if it has transferred to surrounding units. Your landlord is required to give you ample notice of when the exterminator will be arriving for an inspection. The pest management personnel will inspect the area and map out where and when the problem began. This will give the landlord and yourself an idea of when the unit was infested and determine apportion financial responsibility.

What your personal injury attorney needs for a bed bug case

In order to determine the value of your lawsuit, your personal injury lawyer will take a look at different factors:

  • How many bites and how many people were bitten? If there are multiple bites, chances are there is a major infestation.
  • Does the property owner know about the infestation? If they do, did they do something to correct the issue? If they didn’t, they will be held liable for the injuries and discomfort the bed bugs caused. Some victims may even develop long-term psychological trauma.

These are the main factors your attorney will take a look at in order to determine your damages. It is possible that the property owner denies bed bugs exist on their property. They may deny your claim, even when you provide enough information. This is why you need an experienced attorney by your side. If you don’t have a lawsuit, the insurance will provide you with a low-ball offer. The value of your bedbug case depends on the amount of distress the victim suffered and medical expenses.

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