Toyota Brake Pad Recall Effects Hallandale
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Toyota Brake
Pad Recall Effects Hallandale

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In February of 2010, Toyota Motor Corporation recalled more than 400,000 hybrid vehicles world-wide, including Prius, due to problems involving their brakes.  Because of complaints filed by car owners in Japan and the U.S. stating they experienced delays when they pressed on the brakes, especially on bumpy roads or in cold weather, Toyota decided to issue the massive recall.

Other Toyota Recalls

The brake recall seemed to magnify other safety issues experienced by Toyota over the past few years, including gas pedals that seemed to stick or become trapped under floor mats causing the cars to continue accelerating. The gas pedal recall involved more than 7 million vehicles.

Toyota was one of the very first automobile manufacturers to start producing a hybrid which provides better gas mileage by combining a gas engine with an electric motor. The hybrids also include computer software that sometimes causes problems with the functionality of the car which is what happened with the Prius in 2005 when Toyota had to repair 75,000 computer issues that caused the engine to stall in the Prius along with headlight issues.

The hybrid and other new automobiles are intriguing, more economical, and in most cases safer than automobiles of the past if they function properly. If they fail to function properly, the malfunction may cause serious injury or result in death to the car owner and his passengers

Motor Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one experienced injuries or death due to faulty brakes, or any other type of motor vehicle failure, you should contact Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert in Hallandale today to discuss your legal options. We always offer a free consultation.