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Traffic Cameras
in Aventura, FL

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After a Car Accident in Aventura, if liability is not crystal clear, as your personal-injury lawyer, I will want to gather as much evidence as possible to prove my injured client did not cause the accident. To that end, if there is available camera footage, I want it. It is important to remember that these cameras are maintained by American Traffic Solutions. They keep their red light camera footage for Aventura car accidents for only 30 days. If you contact ATS, they will require a release signed by the Aventura Police Department and a video request form (i.e. location code, cross streets, direction camera is facing, date, and time. These forms are available on our car accident injury page. You will also need to pay $87.50 for the first 15 minutes and $29.00 for each additional 15 minute increment – PER CAMERA….so, for example, Biscayne Boulevard and NE 199th street in Aventura, FL has northbound and southbound facing cameras. You would want the footage from both cameras to see the car accident and would have to pay twice.

Location of
Red Light Traffic
Cameras in Aventura, FL

Location Code Camera Direction Intersection
AT01 Northbound Biscayne Blvd/US-1 and NE 199th St
AT02 Southbound Biscayne Blvd and NE 199th St
AT03 Northbound W. Country Club Dr @ NE 199th St
AT04 Southbound W. Country Club Dr SB @ NE 199th St
AT05 Northbound W. Country Club Dr NB @ William Lehman Causeway
AT06 Southbound W. Country Club Dr @ William Lehman Causeway
AT07 Westbound NE 192nd St / William Lehman Causeway @ W. Country Club Dr
AT10 Southbound Biscayne Blvd @ NE 191st St
AT11 Westbound NE 191st St @ Biscayne Blvd
AT13 Westbound NE 199th St / Aventura Blvd @ Biscayne Blvd
AT14 Eastbound NE 199th St @ W Country Club Dr
AT15 Northbound Biscayne Blvd/US 1 @ Miami Gardens/186th St
AT16 Northbound US-1/Biscayne Blvd @ WM Lehman CSWY/SR 856/ NE 192nd St
AT17 Southbound US-1/Biscayne Blvd @ WM Lehman CSWY/SR 856/ NE 192nd St
AT18 Westbound WM Lehman CSWY/SR 856/NE 192nd St @ US-1/Biscayne Blvd