Uber Introduces The '911 Button, Does It Really Make Your Ride Safer?
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Uber Introduces
The '911 Button', But Does It Really Make Your Ride Safer?

Uber Introduces
The ‘911 Button’, But Does It Really Make Your Ride Safer?

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: north miami beach, Uber Accident

Uber is committed to reduce the number of car accidents on the roads of Florida and all across the United States. The ride-sharing giant has introduced the “911 button” on its app, allowing riders to call emergency services in case of a car accident, sexual assault, robbery, or any other incident or crime.

Uber promises that the button is going to make the ride-hailing service safer for riders and drivers alike. Although the emergency button was announced several months ago, it was added to Uber’s app at the end of May. As of today, riders can find the “911 button” by swiping up on the center icon and tapping “911 assistance.”

“The best thing about the emergency button is that after confirming the call to emergency services, the user’s location will be shared directly with 911 operators in Florida, allowing dispatchers to get to the Uber vehicle or scene of the accident faster,” explains our North Miami Beach Uber accident attorney at the Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A.

Since sharing accurate information with emergency personnel as fast as possible can make a huge difference, the introduction of the panic button can potentially make your ride home safer.

Uber’s 911 button and sexual assault

Even though the vast majority of all emergencies in Uber rides are related to car accidents and road collisions, the button will be especially useful for potential victims of sexual assault and those concerned about their safety throughout the ride. In recent years, Uber’s reputation has been hit hard largely due to high-profile sexual assault cases involving the ride-sharing company’s drivers.

Fact: statistics shows that since 2014, at least 103 Uber drivers have been accused of sexual assault.

Our best Uber accident lawyers in North Miami Beach and elsewhere in Florida say that although changes to the ride-sharing giant’s policies were long overdue, it is a good thing that the company is introducing new changes to bring down the number of accidents involving its drivers and passengers across the U.S.

Can you hold Uber liable for an accident?

Uber also claims that it has toughened background checks and driver screenings when it comes to allowing individuals to drive vehicles for the company. And while these changes are vital to reduce the number of Uber accidents, unfortunately, they cannot possibly prevent all accidents involving Uber vehicles.

And since Florida laws are not fully adapt to ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft yet, it is vital to seek legal advice of an experienced Uber accident lawyer if you are ever injured or harmed during or after your Uber ride.

Despite what you have heard from Uber and its spokespeople, the ride-sharing company’s handling of car accidents involving its vehicles has been anything but fair and straightforward. Although Uber provides insurance coverage in case of accidents, it does not always work out in practice, as a plethora of cases have shown.

More often than not, it will be rather problematic to hold Uber liable for an accident or recover a fair compensation if you have been injured or harmed during a ride involving Uber. That is why the importance of hiring a competent and experienced North Miami Beach Uber accident attorney cannot be overstated.

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