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Video shows
violent encounter on South Beach

Video shows
violent encounter on South Beach

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: car accident lawyer

A vehicle accident over the weekend made some people involved in the incident to fight one of the other drivers. A cell phone video was taken at the scene of the accident in South Beach. Apparently, the incident involved three vehicles. A man was bashing in the driver’s side as well as a barefoot woman who kept kicking in the passenger side window of a BMW. But thankfully the BMW driver didn’t come out.

The video shows a blond woman aggressively kicking in the passenger side window. After a few tries, she breaks the window. The people were yelling for the driver, 24 year old Dwight Silvera, to leave the car. The Miami Beach Fire Rescue was treating him. Silvera was under the influence at the time of the accident but it is not clear why he was being attacked. Silvera was arrested on charges of DUI and the accident is currently under investigation.

The Miami Beach police are currently investigating the chain of events that led to the accident to determine legal culpability. They’d like to speak with the blonde woman and the other people kicking the windows. If you recognize them or know anything about them, you are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers and you can remain anonymous.

The incident had apparently started as an accident involving three vehicles; a black BMW and a Cadillac are seen in the video. There was also another car seen in the distance but the police don’t have any information about the third vehicle.

How to handle a car accident in Miami

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you can successfully file a >personal injury claim with an experienced car accident attorney. It is important you move to a safe area if you are physically able. Make sure it is safe to get out of the car before opening the door. Also, check on other drivers involved in the accident and call 911 if anybody has been injured. A health care professional can help you with the next steps.

Once the police show up at the scene of the accident, they will complete a police report. This is a necessary piece of evidence, if you decide to hire an attorney. You need to gather other important information such as the drivers’ contact info, insurance information, license plate numbers, makes and models of their cars, where the accident took place, and the name of police officers filing the police report.

Thanks to technology, now smartphones have amazing cameras so you can snap some photos of the accident. These photographs can be very useful during the claim prices. Keep your personal belongings with you. Have your phone charged and all the important information such as health plan info and vehicle registration available.

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