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What to
do after a Bike Accident

What to
do after a Bike Accident

By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: motorcycle accident lawyer

Riding a bike in South Florida is an amazing experience. With Florida being a bike-friendly state and so many bike trails available, the only thing left to do is hitting the road. But the roads are not very safe out there, particularly during rainy season. Lack of visibility, slippery roads, distracted driving and crowded streets can cause your bike to crash into a vehicle or vice versa. It’s important to exercise safety at all times and learn about what to do if an accident ever occurs. Chances are you will be more protected when you contact personal injury attorney.

Call the police and wait until they arrive

The police report is very important to prove the accident actually happened. It’s important to have one even if you think you are not badly injured. Sometimes the injuries show up later on. Even the most insignificant injuries can become serious and permanent without proper medical attention. Whatever you do, don’t negotiate with the driver. They may accept the blame but may deny later on that the accident occurred. This is why it’s important you gather all the required evidence. Remember the police may also ticket the driver, which may help with your case and also when dealing with insurance companies.

The accident report

It’s important you tell your version of the story as oftentimes the police listens to the motorist but ignores the cyclist. You must report all injuries, whether serious or minor. If the police stills refuses to hear what you have to say, you can always have your police report amended.

Obtain contact info

You must immediately obtain the car driver’s contact information: address, cellphone, ID, car license, insurance, etc. Also, try to get information from accident witnesses. Oftentimes, the police report fails to include this important information. If you are badly injured, perhaps someone can get this information for you.

Write what happened

You may want to sit down after the accident and write down everything that happened. Make sure you include any relevant details such as the weather, traffic, road conditions, any debris, and so on.

Your evidence and injuries

This is very crucial as it will determine the outcome of your case. Seek prompt medical attention even if you believe the injuries are minor. This can serve as evidence that you were actually injured. Taking pictures of the injuries and writing a journal about their progress and any physical symptoms involved can also help. Don’t wash the accident clothes or fix your bike. Leave it as it is. If you need your bike to get to work or run errands, you can always take photos of the damage equipment and preserve the evidence.

Seek advice from a personal injury attorney

Bike accidents can involve complex legal issues only an experienced Fort Lauderdale bike accident attorney can handle. Don’t contact the insurance companies before talking to your attorneys. They can use what you tell them in court. To learn more about your options for compensation, Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.