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What to do Immediately After a Trip-and-Fall or Slip-and-Fall

  1. Seek medical attention – preferably on the same day as the accident. This does two things: first, all the medical statistics show that the sooner you seek medical help after an injury, the more likely you are to make a quick and fuller recovery. Second, documenting your injuries is incredibly important to a slip and fall attorney. Failing to seek medical attention right away sends a signal to the insurance company or the corporation’s adjuster that your injuries are not that bad.
  2.  Fill out an incident report with a manager (if possible). If an ambulance took you to the emergency room and you did not get a chance to report the accident – call the business as soon as possible. Give just the very basic facts (i.e. I fell on your property at this day/time and I am now at the hospital or seeking treatment, and will call back later with more details.). Get the name of the person/manager who took your report.
  3. Have someone else take photos of the defect. Pictures are incredibly important because property defects can be remedied shortly after it causes your trip-and-fall injury. Use different angles. If, for example, you tripped and fell on an uneven raise in the sidewalk, take the photo with a tape-measure or ruler showing the disparity (this will allow us to quickly research whether or not the height difference violates any building codes). If you slipped and fell on a puddle of water in a Publix, take photos of the water. If you see that the water is coming from a leaky freezer, take pictures of that as well. If you fell down in a stairwell with no railings, photograph that defective condition before the new railings are installed!
  4. a.       Later you should photograph your injuries, if possible.

  5. Witnesses are very important to verifying your side of the story. If you were with anyone, have them call the slip-and-fall lawyer as well to have them provide their version of the events that led to your injury.
  6.  Somewhere between steps 1-4, call a trip-and-fall lawyer or slip-and-fall attorney as soon as possible. Our personal-injury law firm does not charge anything up front so you have nothing to lose. Certainly, do not sign anything offered to you until you first consult with a personal-injury attorney.
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