What to Do When You Get In An Accident In Your Uber or Lyft
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What Do When
You Get In An Accident In Your Uber/Lyft

What to
Do When You Get In An Accident In Your Uber or Lyft

Accident In Your Uber-Lyft
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: Uber Accident

The convenience and ease of ridesharing have more and more people using it. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a vehicle or simply just want a ride instead. Unfortunately anytime you get into a car you run the risk of getting into a car accident. It’s even worse when you have been injured. You need to know what you should do if this happens to you. If your Uber/Lyft driver caused the accident it’s important to know what legal action you can take. Getting into an car accident is scary. Getting into an accident where you don’t know what to do after is even scarier. Here’s what you should do if you get into an accident in your Uber or Lyft and also what not to do.

The Do’s and Don’ts

After an accident, the other driver’s insurance may want you to sign some authorizations. Do not do this. If you sign these then you are giving their insurance company the ability to obtain your medical and employment records and it can be used against you in court. For example, if they have information on how long your recovery would be from the injuries sustained during the accident, then they may claim your injuries aren’t extensive thus lowering the compensation you’ll receive. Make sure you know the full extent of your injuries and how much your medical bills will cost. You can misjudge your injuries if you assume you have none right after the accident because some symptoms sometimes take hours or days to appear. It’s important not to discuss the accident with anyone. This could harm your case. For example, if you post on social media a picture of you at the gym then the other party could use that as evidence for your injuries not being too severe.

Legal Action

So you’re involved in an accident that your rideshare driver has caused. Maybe they rear-ended another car while texting and driving or maybe they ran a stop sign. You can make a claim directly against your driver. Uber/Lyft has insurance policies that cover up to $1 million in damages. In order for this be in an effect, you must have gotten the driver through the app. You couldn’t have hailed the driver. In this case, you may not get coverage from your policy or the rideshare company policy. If you’re injured in a rideshare accident without valid insurance coverage then you will only get compensated for medical expenses, you would’ve been able to get compensated for things such as pain and suffering.

Getting into any car accident can be tragic. When you get into a rideshare accident it can be scary as well. It’s no longer your driving skills in question, but the driving skills of your rideshare driver. You are put at risk. Dealing with insurance companies and/or the rideshare company won’t be easy. You don’t have to go through it alone. Get an attorney who has a background in Uber accidents. They will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Neufeld Law Firm today for experienced attorneys on your side. Call 305.931.6666 or 954-523-8292 for a free consultation. Or simply use this contact form.