What to Do When You’re Hit nn a Motorcycle in Florida
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What to
Do When You’re Hit On a Motorcycle

Aventura Motorcycle Accident Attorney
By: Jason Neufeld
Posted in: motorcycle accident lawyer

When you’re involved in an accident is extremely scary. Being in a motorcycle accident is even scarier. You’re out in the open and a car or truck can do more damage to you then you can do to them. Motorcyclists are specifically 8 times more likely to be injured than those operating a vehicle, but 35 more times likely to be killed than those operating a vehicle. It’s important to know the damages you may be awarded in a motorcycle accident case. It’s also important to know what you must do to hold the other party accountable and liable.

Damages Awarded

When you file a personal injury lawsuit due to a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to know what damages you may have available. Damages awarded are concrete costs and less concrete costs. Concrete costs would include things such as medical bills you had to incur because of the accident as well as lost wages. You may be out of work for a while after the accident and these damages would be paid until you could get back on your feet. There are also less concrete costs such as pain and suffering. These costs are harder to determine and can have a wide range. The damages available may also be dependent upon the victim. For example, if you were a physically active person, an athlete who exercised multiple times per week and the accident caused you to have to lay in bed and heal, then you could be awarded damages for “loss of quality of life”.

Liability of the Other Party

In order for the other party to be found liable for your injuries in the accident, you must provide sufficient evidence. You need to be able to prove negligence of the other party and show how their negligent behavior caused the accident and caused your injuries. There are several examples of negligence that the other driver may have committed. They include texting or talking on the phone while driving, drinking and driving, speeding, or any other reckless behavior. Drivers have a duty of care to be cautious and maneuver safely on the road. Drivers often have a higher duty of care with motorcycles since they are bigger and potentially more dangerous to motorcyclists. Other pieces of evidence that may help your claim are medical professionals opinion on your injuries. For example, you could have a bone specialist come to describe your bone injuries as a result of the accident

Many people in Aventura vouch to take a ride with their motorcycles. It’s cheaper on gas and you can do it year round. However, it’s extremely tragic when you get into an accident. Your body is out there exposed and you may sustain greater injuries than you would in a car. It’s an incredibly scary situation to be in. Many drivers on the road are negligent and don’t take extra caution when dealing with motorcyclists. You need a Aventura motorcycle accident attorney who is a motorcycle accident specialist. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Neufeld Law Firm today for experienced attorneys on your side. Call 305-931-6666 or 954-523-8292 for a free consultation. We simply fill out our contact form.