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Who Pays For
Towing & Storage Of Wrecked Cars?

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In the beginning scenes of the 1990 movie Home Alone, a pizza delivery boy finds himself in a predicament. He is in the process of delivering a stack of pizzas to the McAllister home filled with 15 members of the extended family as they all prepare to leave on a vacation. It’s a madhouse, with everyone running around in different directions, and the delivery boy is trying desperately to track down the owner of the house.  His overwhelming thought is, Who is going to pay for this? He doesn’t care who, as long as he doesn’t get stuck with the bill.

When you are involved in an automobile accident, often one of the first reactions is, Who is going to pay for this? As you are inspecting the damage to your vehicle and those involved in the accident, you begin  replaying the accident in your mind. You start to calculate the cost of all the damage and wonder who is going to be responsible for it all.

Overlooked Expenses

  • Once fault is assigned and the insurance company examines your vehicle, they will determine whether or not the vehicle is totaled. If so, they will have the car towed to a wrecking yard or a free storage area. However, if you do not allow the insurance company to move your car, the storage costs for your vehicle become your responsibility from that day forward.
  • One expense that is sometimes overlooked in a moment like this is the cost of towing and storing your wrecked vehicle. Who covers the charges for that? Many times, the insurance company for the driver who caused the accident will pay the towing and storage costs if necessary, as long as it is reasonable. But often there is a dispute as to who was at fault in the accident. And in these cases, who foots the bill?
  • In the state of Florida, it is considered up to the owner to mitigate damages. This means that it is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle isn’t just sitting in storage for a long period of time racking up daily storage costs. You need to get it out of storage and get it somewhere safe. In some cases, if the vehicle remains in storage for too long, they will even auction the vehicle off.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you need a lawyer with experience to help you through this process. At Neufeld, Klienberg, & Pinkiert we have the experience and knowledge needed to get you the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

Written By Jason Neufeld