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Aventura’s congested roads means thatcar accidents are still common enough occurrence requiring a car accident lawyer Aventura FL.
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Car Accident
Lawyers in Aventura FL, Work With The Best – Its Crucial!

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Aventura Florida is a quiet suburban city dominated by the presence of the Aventura Mall, which is the 5thbiggest mall in the US. It’s also where you can find the Turnberry Isle luxury resort. It’s a peaceful town of about 35,000 people, but being in a constant state of construction, seemingly growing every day. While serious car accidents don’t frequently happen here(in all of 2013, there was only a single car accident involving a fatality, who was a pedestrian). Aventura’s congested roads means thatcar accidents are still common enough occurrence requiring a car accident lawyer Aventura FL.

Do I Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident in Aventura?

If you are not in pain after an auto accident, you probably don’t. In the busiest parts of the town such as near Aventura Mall, cars slow down to 20 mph. But, even if you do get into a minor car accident, you still should not deal with the settlement claims yourself. Insurance companies thrive by taking advantage of the unrepresented.

You especially need a lawyer when the car accident is serious. When the medical bills and property damage becomes much greater and your claim involves a significant sum, your insurance company may not be as cooperative as you would hope for. You may also have to file a suit against the negligent driver as well.

With such complications arising, you will really need professional guidance so you would know what to do. So if you are wondering after an auto accident when to get a lawyer the answer is NOW..

When to Get an
Attorney for a Car
Accident in Aventura Florida?

Ideally when you’re involved in an accident, the first number you dial is the police so that the accident can be investigated and documented for insurance purposes. When someone is hurt, you also call 911 to get some emergency medical assistance and police presence too. After that, you should see a doctor, then call your lawyer.

Your lawyer is the one who will give you instructions on what to do, while the law firm dispatches investigators to your location to gather evidence on your behalf. You’re told what to do regarding your insurance company and your medical bills as well.

Some people think they can deal with their insurance company on their own. A famous research paper was published by the insurance companies that even admitted that injured victims almost always get significantly more money when they hire a lawyer compared to trying to settle on their own.

How to Win a
Car Accident Lawsuit?

The short answer here is: get the best attorney for car accident and you do as you’re advised. It’s that simple. Nothing you currently know about these cases and nothing you can research in just a short while can even begin to match the knowledge of a truly experienced car accident lawyer.

You follow what they say regarding any paperwork relevant to your case. If you’re going to be making statements, your lawyer will prepare you and be there to make sure the insurance adjuster does not ask inappropriate questions.

How Do I
Pick the Best
Aventura Attorney for
Car Accident Cases?

The best attorney for car accident cases for Aventura residents is one who is readily available to help you. They should be located right in Aventura, and better yet they should be the best auto accident attorney Hollywood FL. Someone in their firm should be available at any time and at any day, because a car accident doesn’t always happen during normal weekday working hours. You should speak to an actual lawyer, not a case manager or paralegal.

Then of course, the law firm should have many years of experience dealing with car accident cases. This is a must, because inexperienced lawyers simply don’t know enough to help you properly. And they should also have a good record of acquiring fair settlements and jury verdicts for their clients as well.

You can find the answer to these questions when you consult with the law firm regarding your case. The consultation should also be free, by the way, so that you can minimize your legal expenses. You should read car accident lawyer reviews to find the right law firm, so you can get the guidance you need for every step of the legal process afterwards.

When to Get
an Florida Attorney
for a Car Accident When
Insurance Problems Arise

The entire process of dealing with insurance companies and other at-fault drivers can be very confusing for ordinary people. What do you do when your insurance company refuses your claim and offers a much lower counter-proposal that doesn’t even cover half your medical bills? Without a law firm to negotiate for you, you may not have much choice. But a law firm can back up your claim with a legal suit, and gather the evidence you need in court so you can get the settlement you deserve.

In Florida, it may also be possible for your law firm to file a suit against another at-fault driver. That depends on whether your law firm can argue that your injuries are serious. This may require some arguing on your behalf, as serious may mean a permanent injury or significant scarring or disfigurement. But serious is also open to interpretation, which is why a lawyer, familiar with injury-related injury medical records is an important component of negotiating your car-accident case.

Negotiations with insurance companies and other lawyers can be tense and complicated, but for an experienced law firm it’s all in a day’s work. They know what to do and they can advise you when the settlement they offer you is fair for your case.

Are Car Accident
Lawsuit Settlements Taxable?

Are settlements from the insurance company taxable? What about damages from a civil suit? And what if punitive damages are involved? These are the types of questions that your tax adviser should be able to answer for you. But you may also get some legal advice from your car accident lawyer. In fact, the best lawyer for car accident cases would have encountered this problem before. But each case is different, so a lawyer or an accountant would be the best source for the answer.

However, generally speaking, in most cases, the settlement or the damages awarded are not taxable. That’s because it’s not income at all, but rather compensation for what you have suffered and lost. For example, if you are compensated for the damage to your car, then the settlement may cover the cost of repairs, and probably would also cover the cost of renting a car while your car is in the shop.

However, a different calculation comes into play if you are receiving government benefits such as social-security income, disability or Medicaid. In that situation you may need a special-needs trust, because without one, your financial personal injury recovery could jeopardize those benefits. These are issues which your lawyer can discuss with you in further detail

Pain and suffering compensation is also not taxable, because they are rooted to your personal injury. Let’s say you lost your eyesight because of the accident. That means you can’t do many of the things you were previously able to do such as driving your kids to school. Your suffering is a direct result of your physical injury.

How Much
Do Lawyers Charge
For Car Accident Cases?

Generally, 33.3% for car accident cases that do not require filing suit; 40% for auto accident cases that dorequire filing suit; and 25% for cases against government entities.

This is entirely fair for all concerned, because your financial interests and the law firm’s financial interest are intertwined. They’re as concerned about maximizing the amount of the settlement so they are also compensated for their time, effort, and expertise, just as you’re compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, car repairs, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Bottom line is you do not pay a dime unless and until the lawyer is successful in making a financial recovery on your behalf.

How Much
is My Car Accident
Case Worth?

If you’re dealing with the right law firm, you won’t get an answer to this question without them first knowing about the particulars of your case. That’s because every case is different. The injured person has to prove their injuries were caused from the subject car accident. So if you have been in prior accidents or sustained prior injuries, those will be called into question by the insurance company. The lawyer will also need proof of the extent of your injuries (usually in the form of MRIs and doctor reports). If you call a lawyer shortly after your car accident (as you should), your lawyer will not have enough information to provide you an accurate answer – and you should be wary of any attorney who attempts to tell you how much money your car accident case is worth before having all of this information at his/her disposal.

With the right car accident lawyer Aventura FL residents can rest assured that they will receive whatever compensation they deserve. So give us a call today @ 305-931-6666. We want to earn your trust, your respectand only then would love to assist you thorough this crucial process.