You CAN Put a Price on Safety!
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You CAN Put
a Price on Safety!

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Seems like the old saying: You can’t put a price on safety, has been disproven. When driving, the cost of safety apparently starts at around $70,000. Earlier this month, the Tesla Model S was awarded the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s top-safety award, 5-stars in every auto-safety category and sub-category.

A primary reason is that the all-electric Tesla does not have a large gas-guzzling engine taking up all that crumple-room space. With the extra crumple space, there is more time for people inside the vehicles to slow down during an impact, minimizing injury-causing G-forces.  If the optional third-row is ordered, the company installs a double-bumper, further insulating occupants from a rear-end collision.

Another safety feature: this electric car is nearly impossible to roll over – mostly because the vehicle’s 1,000 pound battery is attached to the bottom of the vehicle, creating a low center of gravity and, therefore, additional stability. Also, the Tesla’s roof is almost uncrushable – it broke the NHTSA’s testing machine!

The Tesla Model S is a four-door car yet, while inside one, you are less likely to be injured in almost every kind of car accident (rear enders, head-on, side collisions, even rollovers). This is especially impressive when the Tesla was compared to other larger automobiles that are traditionally considered safer – including minivans and SUVs tested by the NHTSA.

The Tesla is certainly an engineering marvel – let’s hope the price of all that terrific engineering eventually comes down to a level where many more people can afford the price of safety.

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