Do you need a Car Accident Lawyer for Hallandale FL?

Hallandale is a nice little community with affordable housing, lots of ethnic diversity, and very low crime. Its history is really interesting and it’s considered the southernmost Canadian city since more than 5 percent of its population speak French. Many retirees have flocked to Hallandale and its population is increasing, which also means there are quite a few car accidents involving pedestrians and fatalities here. So there’s always a need for a car accident lawyers in Hallandale Fl.

Do I Need a Lawyer after a Car Accident?

On the face of it, it may seem like you won’t need a lawyer to deal with most car accidents in Hallandale, especially for minor ones. You just call the police to get the event investigated, call for emergency medical services if there are injuries, and then contact your insurance company according to their standard procedure.

Usually, that means you call them within 24 hours.After being notified, the insurance company sends a claims adjuster to investigate the car accident by reading the police reports and talking to witnesses. Then they look over your medical reports if you’ve suffered an injury, and you’re tasked with getting repair estimates for your car.You then get together and discuss a fair settlement to cover the repairs on your car and the medical bills, you get your money and it’s done. Or that’s what the insurance companies would like you to believe happens.

Car Accident Settlement Negotiations

But the problem is that it doesn’t happen this way. Settlement negotiations can be rather contentious, especially if what you think is fair and what the claims adjuster thinks is fair are two very different figures.This is especially true in the beginning of the negotiation process, during which at first the adjuster proposes a settlement amount so ridiculously low that it seems obvious they are not negotiating in good faith. It may seem that the point of the discussion is not to provide you with a fair settlement, but to save as much money as possible for the insurance company.It is usually at this point of the proceedings that you may feel you should have brought in a lawyer right from the start.

Collecting Car Accident Reports and Records

If you’ve contacted a law firm to represent you right from the very beginning, then you would have had a more efficient way of going about your negotiations with your insurance company. If you’re not at fault, the law firm can help gather the evidence to support that claim.Furthermore, the law firm may even help you file a suit against the driver who was at fault. All the law firm needs to do is to prove that you suffered a permanent injury, and Florida law would have allowed you to file a lawsuit against an errant driver to get compensation for your injuries.

And of course, the law firm may have also prevented you from inadvertently admitting blame for the accident, especially if it’s not really your fault. Some insurance adjusters are tricky – you need a car accident lawyer who knows their tricks.

Car Accident Lawyer Property Damage and Medical Compensation Evaluation

The law firm can help you ascertain just how much you need to get to cover what the car accident took from you. That means the settlement you need must be able to cover the cost of repair of your vehicle, and that should also include the cost of a rental while your car is being repaired.Then your medical bills must be covered, and that includes the current bills as well as the future medical bills resulting from your injuries. Lost wages will also have to be recovered, and any loss in your earning capacity as a result of your injuries must be considered as well.

Other factors may also include the cost of renovations in your homemade necessary by your serious injuries.Then there are the other factors which you as a civilian will not know how to evaluate, such as pain and suffering, mental and emotional distress, and even punitive damages. But an experienced law firm will know what kind of dollar figures to attach to these factors.

Complications in the Car Accident & Need Lawyer Services

Then there are some legal issues that may arise for which no civilian is prepared to tackle. For example, one rule in Florida law is that if you’re partly considered responsible for the car accident, then your settlement will then be reduced by your level of culpability. In other words, if you’re judged 10% responsible because you were distracted while you were driving, then the settlement you should receive will be reduced by a corresponding 10%. This is referred to as comparative negligence.Of course, with the help of a good lawyer, you can significantly reduce your level of comparative negligence that you would have no way of knowing how to do if you were to pursue the claim on your own.

The Threat of a Car Accident Lawsuit

Another advantage when you’re dealing with recalcitrant insurance companies and errant drivers is that you can negotiate a settlement more fairly and faster when you have a lawyer representing your interests. A claims adjuster won’t waste time testing lawyers with a ridiculously low offer, because it will just be refused and an allegation of bad faith can be made.

A lawsuit may also be filed against the insurance company if you and the insurance company can’t agree on a fair and equitable settlement. The lawyer can help advise you on what kind of dollar amount is fair, and the lawyer’s presence can speed things up. That’s because insurance companies try to avoid protracted civil suits that may drag things out and may even hurt the insurance company’s public image.But without a lawyer by your side, you may be forced to accept any lowball offer made by a claims adjuster.

Paying Car Accident Lawyer for Hallandale Fees

Another advantage for you is that you won’t pay attorney’s fees unless you get your settlement first. Your law firm then gets the agreed upon percentage from the settlement amount.This is fair for you for several reasons. For one, you will know that you have a real case because no good law firm would waste their time and resources pursuing a worthless claim. Another good reason is that you save your money for other expenses. You won’t have to pay for legal services unless you receive your settlement.Finally, this fee structure can help make sure that your interests and the interests of the law firm are aligned.

You both want the same thing, so they will fight for you to get the most amount of money. The more money you get for yourself, the more money they get for their firm. It’s a win-win solution.That’s the main difference between the lawyer and the claims adjuster. With the claims adjuster, the relationship is adversarial. The more money you get for yourself, the less money there is for the insurance company. So it’s a competition as to who gets the most money.On the other hand, your relationship with your lawyer is of mutual benefit with this fee structure. Your success is their success, and that’s why you can be sure that your position and interests are prioritized by the law firm.

How Reading Car Accident Lawyer Reviews Help

When it comes to advertising, it’s not always easy to determine whether you’re reading or listening to factual information. That’s true of website advertising because a company can put any fact they want on it to put them in a good light. In fact, some websites aren’t even run by real companies but by scammers.In the legal industry, it’s actually not all that common to hear about a fake website. What is more common is that a website that looks impressive may be owned by a law firm that’s limited in its resources, or even in its experience.So what you need is to read lots of reviews on various car accident law firms to see which one can best represent your case. These reviews can reveal how a law firm can help you, how professional they are, and how successful they truly are.

But after that, you still need to consult with a potential law firm to see if they’re the right fit for your needs. At the same time, the lawyers at the firm will ask about your case and see if your case has a chance of getting them a sizable settlement. Nothing beats a live, in person, meeting to determine whether you believe this firm will best represent your interests.When both of you decide that the other is a good partner, then you two can work together to maximize the settlement you can get from various parties to cover your expenses and to compensate you for what you went through. With the right car Accident Lawyer for Hallandale residents like that you can have a firm guiding hand that can lead you towards the largest settlement possible for your case.

With the right car accident lawyer in Hallandale, FL residents can rest assured that they will receive whatever compensation they deserve. So give us a call today @ 305-931-6666. We want to earn your trust, your respect and only then would love to assist you thorough this crucial process. Give us a call today.

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