Portrait of David Kleinberg wearing a stylish hat, exuding confidence and sophistication.

Attorney David Kleinberg is an experienced, effective personal injury attorney who lives to do battle for clients in the courtroom. During his many years fighting for clients in the Florida courts, he has proven himself to be one of Florida’s top personal injury law litigators. More than that, he is the man in the hat.

Who Is the Man in the Hat?

A lot of men wear hats. But only one of them is personal injury attorney and litigator David Kleinberg. This defender of the rights of injury victims is known throughout the legal industry and the local public as a premier injury lawyer who has his own special way of pursuing compensation for those injured by others.

Attorney Kleinberg’s methods of winning compensation are aggressive, novel, and — most importantly — effective. Through the years, he has taken on all manner of cases with giant corporations and insurance companies as his adversaries. Time and time again, he has recovered life-changing compensation for his clients.

Notable Cases

Mr. Kleinberg has fought for injured clients throughout the entire state of Florida – in hundreds of cases involving car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, medical malpractice, and more. He is a genius in front of a jury. His skill and competency in the courtroom are matched only by his compassion for and dedication to his clients’ well-being.

He spends a considerable amount of time making sure he understands the needs and desires of his clients and tailors his representation accordingly. He does not use cookie-cutter strategies; his meticulously personalized efforts bring about the results his clients need.

Brain Injury Case

In a 2005 case involving a serious head injury, a Lakeland family found themselves scrambling to find a law firm to represent their son, who had been injured. Many had already turned them down for being too big of a risk. But the man in the hat, along with two other colleagues, agreed to take on the case.

Mr. Kleinberg and his colleagues knew the case would be difficult and involve serious battles against an insurance company looking to pay nothing or substantially less than it owed. However, they were confident in their abilities to recover proper compensation for the young boy and his family, which is precisely what they did.

Although the battle took two-plus years, Mr. Kleinberg and the others were able to recover $51 million of compensation through a jury verdict. The fact that the jury verdict occurred in one of the most conservative counties in the state is a testament to the courtroom abilities of the man in the hat.

Dangerously Defective Jet Ski

The man in the hat won a monumental verdict against Yamaha for a jetski that seriously injured his client. The jet ski was dangerously defective, according to Mr. Kleinberg. However, proving so required a substantial outlay of resources and time. It was a risk that the man in the hat was willing to take to win.

Mr. Kleinberg knew his clients deserved substantial compensation, so he fought for said compensation for seven-plus weeks against lawyers and engineers who were fighting to protect Yamaha’s image and reputation.

Ultimately, the man in the hat once again did what he is most known for — he recovered a substantial judgment for his client worth $37 million.


To become the effective courtroom advocate he is today, the man in the hat had to start at the beginning. Like any other lawyer, he was once a law student, and before that, he was a university pupil.

His training in higher education began in the late ’70s and early ’80s when he studied information technology. He received an associate’s degree from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Science in information technology from Florida International University.

Once he had his B.S., Mr. Kleinberg decided to go to law school and matriculated at the University of Miami in 1984. He received his law degree three years later and soon was admitted to practice before all courts in the state of Florida, including state and federal courts.

He “Knows Thy Enemy”

Before fighting for the injured, David represented and defended insurance companies to deny or minimize payments to injured plaintiffs! Eventually, the “man in the hat” realized he wanted to help the injured and now brings all that defense experience to benefit his injured clients (he knows all the defense strategies and tactics because he used to deploy them himself) and partnered with Alan Neufeld.

Thus began his successful career getting injury victims the relief, medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and compensation they need and deserve.

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Portrait of David Kleinberg wearing a stylish hat, exuding confidence and sophistication.

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