Slip and fall accidents occur all the time. But it’s important to note that it matters where you slipped and fell due to liability reasons. Why you were in that location may also matter if you weren’t supposed to be there.

Slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of missed workdays and the cause of many fatal work-related accidents. Personal injury cases that involve someone slipping or falling are called “slip and fall” cases.

Does it Matter Where You Slipped and Fell?

Yes, because there are different levels of liability with a slip and fall accident. The rules may differ for public and private property and where the fault lies.

Business Property

A business that serves the public has the legal duty to ensure the safety of its patrons. For example, if someone falls and gets hurt at a retail or grocery store, the property owner may be held liable for that injury. Some causes of unsafe conditions include icy walkways, wet floors, improper lighting, and debris. 

Business owners are responsible not only for the safety of their customers inside their stores but also for parking lot and walkway safety. 

Obvious Hazards

Public spaces with obvious hazards, such as artwork, fountains, and other large structures where people walk, are exempt from personal injury rules because the law assumes that a reasonable person would take precautions not to get hurt near or around the hazards.

Private Property 

With private property, the law works similarly as the owner is bound by law to ensure the safety of their guests. However, the situation could get complicated if someone gets hurt while visiting private property. The owner has the duty to notify any guests of potentially dangerous conditions. In a case like this, the court will attempt to determine if the owner warned their guests or took precautions to avoid any injuries. 

Government Property

If you slip and fall on government property, you have strict deadlines to meet when filing a complaint. For example, in Florida, you have only three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the government. Damage may also be capped for these types of cases. 

Does it Matter Why You Were There?

Why you were on the property may also factor in. If you were trespassing or committing a crime on public or private property and were injured, the owner may not be held liable for your injuries. Legally speaking, the owner had no obligation to ensure your safety. If the injured person had no legal right to be on the property, then the owner is not liable for any negligence.

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