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Alan Neufeld is a founding partner in his law practice and has been helping seriously injured clients for over 39 years. He has worked within the Federal District Court and State Circuit Courts and has won some of the highest awards in personal injury cases for his clients. 

Alan Cares About His Clients

Alan cares deeply about his clients and treats them with the utmost respect. He fights hard to get the highest settlements possible for his injured clients. One example is the highly publicized case, Edwin Mejia and Nelly Mejia vs. Manheim Auctions Government Services. After a horrific car accident, Edwin Mejia suffered severe brain damage and required around-the-clock care. Alan Neufeld and his partners David Kleinberg and Robert Pinkiert won the largest verdict in state history for a car accident case, resulting in a $23.5 million damage award. 

Another notable case in which Alan went above and beyond for his client was Riles vs. Bonaventure Golf Course et al. After a two-week trial, Alan won the highest jury verdict ever recorded in the U.S. against a country club. A contractor (Mr. Riles) working on a house near the golf course was hit in the eye and blinded by an errant golf ball. The defense argued that it was simply an “unforeseen accident.” Alan enlisted the help of a golf course architect and designer and proved that the course had a defective design, resulting in Mr. Riles’ injury. Alan Neufeld didn’t stop until the jury awarded his client a $2.9 million settlement. The defense appealed, the 4th District Court of Appeals upheld the verdict, and the plaintiff collected $3.3 million. 

Alan is highly respected and recognized as one of Florida’s best personal injury lawyers. He treats every client with compassion and empathy and truly cares about their case. He does everything he can to fight for justice to see that their pain and suffering are compensated. 

Personal Details

Alan grew up in New York and graduated with honors in finance from Syracuse University. He later earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law in 1975; He is a member of the North Dade Bar Association, Florida Bar, and the Florida Bar Trial Lawyers Section.

Alan is active in his community and equally dedicated to his clients and family. He is on the Board of Governors for the North Dade Bar Association and is currently the president of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Metro 6 Intracoastal Police Department. He is also a North Miami Beach Optimist Club member, for which he volunteers his time organizing the annual Special Olympics. In addition, he runs a Moot Court demonstration for local high school students contemplating the legal profession.

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