Summer and fall are statistically the most dangerous times of the year, with more fatal car crashes. Let’s explore why summer is more dangerous.


Most people take their vacations and travel more miles by car during the summer and early fall. More traffic on the highways means more fatal crashes. Weekends tend to have more accidents and crashes with personal injuries than weekdays.

Inexperienced Drivers

During the school year, teens are typically in the classroom. In summer, more inexperienced drivers are on the road, and teens tend to be more reckless and less careful than mature, experienced drivers resulting in more accidents.


With more people on the road, there are bound to be more traffic jams. Accidents occur when people in heavy traffic get frustrated and try maneuvers to circumvent the congestion. Road rage is also more prominent during the summer months.


When it’s warm out, construction crews take advantage of the nice weather to fix potholes and pave roadways. Construction can cause delays, and angry drivers may try to swerve around crews or make erratic driving choices to get where they want to go. Detours can cause confusion and distraction while driving, leading to accidents.


Summertime is a time for parties and drinking. More people drive while intoxicated during the fun months. DWIs and DUIs are very common during the summer and can cause serious personal injuries or death.

Bikers and Motorcycles

Summer also brings out cyclists and motorcycles and sharing the road with larger vehicles can be a recipe for disaster. Devastating bicycle and motorcycle accidents occur each year. Unfortunately, not all drivers pay attention to their blind spots, and accidents happen.

Heat Stress

High heat and humidity can lead to heat stroke and fatigue, causing normally cautious, safe drivers to be distracted or less responsive.

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