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Where You Injured While Ridesharing?

More Lyft drivers = more Lyft accidents in Florida

In short, pretty much everything. Florida is not the state in which you would choose to get into a Lyft car accident, if you had an opportunity to choose among other states in the U.S.

"That is because Florida law has many flaws and imperfections when it comes to handling ride-sharing accidents in North Miami and elsewhere in the Sunshine State," says our North Miami Lyft accident attorney from the Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A. And the most confusing element is insurance coverage and Lyft's liability in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

Both Lyft and Uber are two leading ride-sharing companies in the United States offering passengers to request a ride to their destination by pressing just a few buttons on their phone. And the best part is that it is inexpensive, and the driver, who earns money through the Lyft app, arrives within minutes. Everybody wins, right?

But here is the deal: As Lyft and Uber are getting more popular in North Miami and all across Florida by the year, the occurrence of ride-sharing accidents is increasing as well. Under Florida's Certificate of Liability Insurance for Lyft drivers, a "ride-share driver" is someone who is operating a motor vehicle while using the Lyft application.

"If the Lyft app is off at the time of the Lyft accident, a different set of rules apply," explains our experienced Lyft accident attorney in North Miami. That is where many injured passengers and pedestrians who were hurt in an accident involving a Lyft car have questions about insurance coverage and liability in Florida.

Recovering damages after a Lyft accident

If your lawyer can establish that a Lyft driver's negligence was responsible for causing your injury, you may receive compensation through Florida's personal injury protection (PIP). However, there is a limit as to how much you can recover through this type of insurance coverage. In Florida, PIP benefits pay for 80% of your initial medical care, but the maximum amount of these payments is capped at $10,000. If you are not diagnosed with an "emergency medical condition," PIP benefits are limited to only $2,500.

Not every resident of North Miami or elsewhere in Florida qualifies for PIP benefits after a Lyft accident. Only those who own a vehicle that is registered in Florida or live in the same household with a family member whose insurance policy provides PIP benefits qualify for PIP benefits. Otherwise, you are not entitled to PIP benefits through auto insurance policy.

It may sound confusing, but that is how Florida laws work. You can actually get compensation through your own auto insurance policy or the policy of your family member even though you were not in your own vehicle or the vehicle of your family member at the time of the car crash.

Is it possible to recover compensation after a ride-sharing accident?

While Uber drivers do not usually carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, Lyft actually has PIP insurance on all its Florida auto policies. "But here is another pitfall to consider," warns our North Miami Lyft accident attorney. "The at-fault Lyft driver's personal auto insurance company may deny coverage because the driver was being paid a fee while transporting you."

The last thing you would want after a Lyft accident in North Miami or elsewhere in Florida is to be 100 percent responsible for your medical expenses, loss of income and other damages that could total tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn more about your rights as a passenger of Lyft. Consult with our lawyers at the Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, P.A. Call at 305-931-6666 fill out this contact form for a free case evaluation.