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Even in just the last few years, the number of users taking advantage of rideshare services has multiplied. Since 2016, Uber has seen an increase of over 100 MILLION monthly ACTIVE users. Uber reports over 750,000 active registered drivers currently in the US. In Miami, Uber is BY FAR the rideshare service of choice, taking in nearly 4.5x more business traffic than its top competitor, Lyft — Rideshare services have become a truly essential service for the public.

This has brought about an unprecedented change to the transportation industry’s laws and regulations in Miami, the US, and all around the world. With these types of accidents becoming SO much more common, lawmakers are struggling to create a consistent set of regulations surrounding rideshares. This means that for anyone who is involved in an Uber accident, it can be painstakingly hard to find helpful information.

Neufeld Law Firm is focused on getting you and your family back to normal. We want you to work on GETTING HEALTHY, GETTING BACK TO WORK, and PAYING YOUR BILLS while we pursue the maximum compensation for your claims. If you’ve been involved in an Uber, Lyft, or any other type of car accident — Contact our law office for a FREE consultation.

What causes a Miami Uber accident?

Uber Drivers are at high risk of being involved in an accident. Drivers may not have the proper training or may lack the skills required to safely transport passengers in a busy city. Here are some common causes of accidents we see with Miami Uber drivers.

  • Speeding - Uber drivers are paid based on the jobs that they take, not exactly by the hours that they work. The quicker they can get you to your destination, the quicker they can move on to their next fare.
  • Distracted Driving - This one is HUGE for any rideshare operator. Despite the serious repercussions in Miami for getting caught driving distracted, many drivers choose to ignore the rules and put others at risk. The nature of the Uber app requires that both the driver and the passenger access the platform via a mobile app, so drivers are responsible for ensuring safe hands-free use of their mobile devices while driving.
  • Poorly Maintained Vehicle - What many Uber drivers may not take into account is the cost of maintaining their vehicles. The state of their vehicles is going to deteriorate much quicker if the vehicles are in use all day. Uber operators are responsible for the upkeep of their vehicles so that they can continue to do their job safely. A poorly maintained vehicle can cause malfunctions in the vehicle putting other road users at risk.
  • Driving Under The Influence - Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very common problem in the US. For individuals that are prone to this behavior, having a job as an Uber driver with minimal supervision and communication with others, may create a triggering environment for these abuses to take place.

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I’ve been involved in an Uber accident… Now what?

Being involved in an Uber accident as a passenger or a driver can be a very STRESSFUL altercation. Struggling in a tense moment, as you are trying to deal with your vehicle and possibly your injuries, but also trying to support anyone else who may have been affected by the accident. As an Uber driver - ALWAYS study your insurance policy so you know what to do in any type of situation. Follow these five steps if you have been in an Uber accident:

1. Call The Police

Whenever you are in an auto accident — Call your local authorities. You will need them to visit the scene of the accident and fill out a police report. If medical attention is required the authorities will get you the additional help you need.

2. Contact An Uber Representative

After the police have arrived and everyone at the scene is SAFE, you will need to touch base with Uber to document the accident. The simplest way to reach Uber is by contacting them through the mobile app.

3. Speak To Your Witnesses

Did anyone else see the accident? Were there any other people involved? If you are having trouble proving your case against an insurance company, witness statements can be highly valuable. A Miami Uber accident lawyer can refer back to them while building your case, and may even have to contact the witness for further questioning.

4. Record Information At The Scene Of The Accident

This is a great opportunity to utilize the camera on your mobile phone. Take pictures of anything at the scene that may be relevant information for your claim. You can even take pictures of anyone's insurance info to save you from having to write it down. When trying to prove your claim in court a time-stamped picture can give a judge the final push to award your claim.

5. Speak To A Miami Uber Accident Lawyer

Now that you’ve properly documented the scene of the accident and everyone is safe, your next phone call should be to an experienced Miami Uber accident lawyer. Choose the lawyers who have helped hundreds of clients win claims for auto accidents,  trucking accidents, rideshare accidents, and personal injuries in Florida.

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Met with Robert after I had a car accident in Pembroke Pines. Very nice man. Nice staff who answered my questions and got a good settlement.

Paula A.

Great lawyers, great attention to detail, great trial strategies. I am a trial consultant who has worked with the top attorneys in the United States. NKP are the best of the best.

Amy Singer, Ph.D, Trial Consultant

Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA handled my case against Uber for me and got me a great settlement after I was involved in an accident. They handled all of the negotiations with my doctors and with the other lawyers to get me the best deal possible. I definitely recommend their services!

Daniella Di Prizio

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Serving all of the beautiful southern and central Florida areas, we have won over $100,000,000 in jury verdicts and settlements for our injured clients. Neufeld Law Firm now has over 100+ combined years of personal injury law experience. Our Miami Uber accident lawyers are highly experienced and will help you win FULL & FAIR COMPENSATION for your injuries. We want to help you focus on getting healthy, getting back to work, paying your bills, and most importantly, being compensated! — Be STRONG with Neufeld Law

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Does Uber give me money for my accident?

Some insurance providers have partnered with Uber to offer fuller coverage for rideshare operators. If you are in an accident Uber will only cover up to $1-million for third-party liability, any remaining amount would be pursued from the operator’s insurance company. If it can be proven the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, the victim can pursue claims through the driver at-fault’s insurance.

How many incidents have happened with Uber?

Based on recent reports, out of the millions of rides given, Uber claims there were at least 36,000 auto-related deaths in 2018 and as many as 20,000 homicides in 2017.

Should I get a Miami Uber accident lawyer?

Were you injured in a Miami Uber accident? — Then YES! You should call a lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced Miami uber accident lawyer can provide professional representation on your behalf, leaving you the space to recover, while you await your compensation.

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