BI, PIP, UM, PD?? OMG! – Understanding Your Auto-Insurance Coverage
Insurance policy is comprised of several different types of coverage, like bodily injury liability, property damage liability,personal injury protection and uninsured motorist.
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…. OMG!!! – Understanding Your Auto-Insurance Coverage

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No doubt about it – automobile insurance policies are confusing. Many a time has a recently-injured potential client of the firm entered the office to boast confidently: I am fully covered or Don’t worry, I have enough coverage…believing that their insurance policy will pay for all of their injuries. It is then made all the more distressing when I have to be the one to inform them that they are mistaken.

The purpose of this series of articles is to explain some of the basic terms, and several pitfalls, that you need to understand when purchasing car insurance.

Your insurance policy is comprised of several different types of coverage.

These types of coverage fall into two basic categories:

(I) coverages that protect 3rd parties that you harm (Bodily Injury Liability | Property Damage Liability); and

(II) coverages that protect you (Personal Injury Protection | Uninsured Motorist)

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