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NHTSB Safety
Protocols for 2019

January 31, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration linked up with federal and industry leaders in November of 2018 to go over boosting recall repair rates for vehicles and safety equipment as one of the protocols for 2019. Deputy Administrator Heidi R. King pushed those who attended to collaborate, and expressed concern about .....LEARN MORE

Why to
Take Your Slip and Fall Accident Seriously

January 31, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

About every year, more people in Florida are injured in slip-and-fall accidents. Some people tend to lose their balance on recently washed floors at public places, and others fall on the job while working within hazardous conditions. Additionally, most older Americans in nursing homes undergo accidents when they are left unsupervised by negligent staff members. .....LEARN MORE

Florida Sees
a Rise in Bicycle Accidents

January 18, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

South Florida roads weren’t just built for cyclists, so it is almost inevitable for collisions to occur. Without the benefit of a seatbelt and several tons of metal surrounding them, even a minor/low-speed collision with a bicycle can cause devastating injuries. The Sunshine State has long been the most lethal in the nation for bicyclists. .....LEARN MORE

Funeral Home

January 09, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

What to do if you expect funeral home negligence When you have a funeral home you can put your trust in, you are counting on them to be the ones in charge of the organizing. Aside from ensuring that your deceased loved one receives the utmost care and recognition that he or she deserves, your .....LEARN MORE

Top Ways
to Protect Yourself from Injury on Vacation

January 08, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

Protect yourself this resort season – whether it’s a cruise ship accident or skiing-related incident, the owners of these cruise ships or ski lodges, just like any business or premises owner, has an obligation to maintain their location in a reasonably safe condition. When they fail to do so, and that failure results in your .....LEARN MORE

Injured at
the Hands of Someone Else? Here Are Your Options:

January 06, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

Whenever you are injured, due to the negligence (in whole or in part) of another, you are entitled to be compensated for your medical bills, future medical care that might be needed, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering. After a car wreck, a slip & fall (premises liability) accident, or other .....LEARN MORE

What Does
PIP Insurance Cover In My Car Accident?

January 06, 2019 By: Jason Neufeld

Before unraveling what PIP covers in the case of an accident, it is important to understand what PIP stands for and means. Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, also referred to as “no-fault insurance,” is what covers the medical bills, costs for rehabilitation, and lost wages you are faced with when you and/or your passengers are .....LEARN MORE

Injured on
a Lime Scooter?

December 05, 2018 By: Jason Neufeld

Whether you are a local or tourist roaming the cities of Miami Beach and Downtown Fort Lauderdale, there is a solid chance that you will be surrounded by swarms of electric scooters and bikes. You may have witnessed them all over the country, especially now that you can download the ‘Lime’ app easily from your .....LEARN MORE

What To
Do If You’re The Victim of a Ridesharing Accident

November 30, 2018 By: Jason Neufeld

It’s no secret that ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are more popular than ever right now. In 2016 and 2017, over half of our entire country used one of these apps — and we’d bet that they’ve most likely used both. You might be savvy about using Uber and Lyft on a regular .....LEARN MORE

How Long
Do I Have to File A Personal Injury Claim?

November 29, 2018 By: Jason Neufeld

Filing a personal injury claim is no easy task — and if you aren’t careful, you might miss the window of opportunity to do so. There is a specific amount of time that an injured party has to bring their case to court in order to receive just compensation. The time period allotted for an .....LEARN MORE