Common Holiday Season Hazards
Everyone loves enjoying holidays, But many times holidays comes with some hazards like slip and fall accidents. If you are a victim of such case who is liable for the accidents? Contact us for more information.
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Common Holiday Season Hazards
Your pumpkins and Jingle bells can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not careful. Thousands of Americans across our nation are injured in a slip and fall accident during this time of the year. Unfortunately, most of these accidents are caused by either carelessness or hazards. It is a busy season with too many celebrations and potentially dangerous activities. While the festive season comes with a lot of joyfulness and nobody wants to spend the holidays confined to hospital, these things...
October 14, 2017 by admin
Coping With Losing a Family Member in a Vehicle Accident
The loss of a family member is one of life’s most stressful events, particularly for those who lost someone in a car accident. Anger and depression can take root and make the grieving process unbearable. It is during these trying times that the advice of a knowledgeable Miami wrongful death attorney comes in handy. Everyone grieves differently People’s feelings are different. One person might feel depressed while another might feel angry and hopeless. Some might lack the strength to go...
October 13, 2017 by admin
Your Road Debris Claim
There are times when road debris may cause serious damages to vehicles and injure drivers or pedestrians passing by. Perhaps you are driving down the road after hurricane Irma and suddenly, a tree falls on your vehicle or debris is flying at you. This is the typical scenario for many South Floridians during hurricane season. But how do you deal with this situation? And who is responsible for these damages? These are questions your Miami car accident attorney will be able to answer for...
October 7, 2017 by admin
The Legalities of Surveillance Cameras
School security has undergone significant changes over the past years. It’s the natural thing to happen as crime and violence increases in our schools. One of the most popular measures is the use of surveillance cameras. Many public schools have already implemented security cameras as part of their School Safety Plan. While surveillance cameras are a great way to address violence in our schools, some legal issues may arise that only an experienced Aventura negligent security attorney is...
October 6, 2017 by admin
Man Blinded by Eye Injection Wins $11 Million
A medical malpractice lawsuit was recently filed against Leon Medical Centers after one of their patients, Miguel Diaz, was blinded by eye injection. The 80-year-old patient had trusted these medical providers for many years. The company currently has seven clinics in Miami with optometrists, doctors, pharmacists dentists, and many other medical services provided. It seems like a perfect deal, particularly for many older patients who don’t have personal transportation or may not be able to...
September 29, 2017 by admin
Pedestrian Accident Can Result in a Child’s Death
We have all experienced it, we are on the sidewalk taking a stroll and we see a car driving erratically. What we least expect is that a car will actually hit us, I mean we are on the sidewalk and out of their way. Sadly, this is the case for far too many Floridians. What makes these situations worse is that a person is no match for a vehicle regardless of the size. If you or a loved one has been hit by a vehicle, you can feel hopeless. Don’t, we have Miami crosswalk attorneys who will guide...
September 28, 2017 by admin
The Sunshine State Has Some of The Worst Drivers
Recent studies confirm that Florida drivers are not as attentive as we would like them to be. For those of us living in South Florida, that’s not too surprising. The magnificent state has one of the lowest numbers of insured drivers in the whole nation, in spite of auto insurance being required. We also have higher numbers of people killed in accidents. If you get involved in a collision. Make sure you contact a Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney to help you with the legalities. Attorneys...
September 25, 2017 by admin
How to prevent slip and fall accidents during hurricane season?
It is easy to get distracted, especially during hurricane season. Slip and fall accidents are very common during this wet time of the year. Whether you stumble down a stairway or fall on an uneven surface, you may sustain minor and severe injuries that require long-term medical treatment and the legal assistance of an Aventura slip and fall attorney. There are conditions that set the stage for this accident category, which you should avoid, particularly during hurricane season. Statistics...
September 21, 2017 by admin
Don’ts of pedestrian accidents
There are many laws governing pedestrian accidents and ways to avoid deadly interactions with vehicles. While dangerous intersections and road conditions cause many of these accidents, drivers should remember the don’ts of pedestrian accidents when heading out there. When involved in an accident, make sure you contact a Aventura pedestrian accident attorney to protect your interests and seek compensation on your behalf. Don’t drive under the influence Intoxicated drivers cause almost...
September 16, 2017 by admin
Hurricane Irma Aftermath Safety tips
Irma has transformed our streets into swamps and debris. Although the cleanup started earlier than expected, it is still not safe to travel in some areas. It is important that residents of South Florida exercise patience while the streets are cleared from all danger. It is going to take a while before everything goes back to normal. About 15 million people were without electricity across the state of Florida and there is still 40% who lack electricity. There is a lot of fallen electrical...
September 15, 2017 by admin
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